News Briefs: North Toledo Plant Evacuated After Chlorine Leak

In this week's water and wastewater news, a treatment plant employee is hospitalized in North Toledo following a chlorine leak incident; and a debate picks up steam in Portland, Oregon, over an expensive treatment solution to a parasite problem
News Briefs: North Toledo Plant Evacuated After Chlorine Leak

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A water treatment plant in North Toledo, Ohio, recently was evacuated and one employee hospitalized due to a chlorine leak.
A hazmat team from the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department was called to Bay View Treatment Plant in the morning hours of July 10 after a valve began venting during a chlorine cylinder exchange.
While the leak was contained in the building, one employee was taken to a local hospital to get checked out. The leak was addressed within a couple hours and the plant stayed online.
Source: The Toledo Blade

Portland Debate Ignites Over $500 Million Treatment Option for Parasite

An argument is heating up in Portland, Oregon, over whether to spend up to $500 million treating the city’s water for cryptosporidium, a potentially deadly parasite.
The state’s health authority recently announced the city must adhere to federal guidelines, and there was public hearing on the matter July 11.
The public is expected to testify on whether to spend $105 million treating the parasite with UV light or $500 million on treatment plants to broadly address contaminants in general.
Source: The Portland Tribune

Richmond, Indiana, City Worker Found Dead in Clarifier Tank

Authorities in Richmond, Indiana, have reported that a city worker was found dead in a wastewater treatment plant’s clarifier tank.
Danny Caldwell was found dead underwater in the clarifier July 5. He had previously notified his supervisors that he was performing a normal maintenance task on the tank.
While it’s unknown what happened to Caldwell at this time, the fact that he was working alone on the maintenance task is standard procedure, according to Richmond Mayor Dave Snow.
“There's been a lot of speculation,” Snow told the Palladium-Item. “The only facts known are that Danny Caldwell went up to perform regular maintenance on a control box and he lost contact. The next contact with Danny Caldwell, he was submerged in the tank. There are no eyewitnesses.”
Source: Palladium-Item

Celebrity Couple Plans to Use Recycled Wastewater in Swimming Pool

After learning pool chemicals can harm the environment, celebrities David and Victoria Beckham made a plan to recycle wastewater to be used in their new swimming pool.
The couple submitted a planning application to construct a pool on the grounds of their newly purchased mansion, but the pool will use a natural biofiltration system to treat recycled wastewater from the house.
The pool’s natural biofiltration system includes phosphorus pre-treatment.
Source: The Muscatine Journal


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