Product News: April 2017

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Product News: April 2017
The Chem-Pro M MC-2 metering pump by Blue-White

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Blue-White’s Chem-Pro M MC-2 metering pump
The Chem-Pro M MC-2 metering pump by Blue-White is equipped with a variable speed motor, offering smooth and quiet chemical dosing with no hard pulses. A full stroke every time prevents vapor lock. It can handle high-pressure applications up to 175 psi with a maximum feed rate of 50 gph. The pump is fitted with a Dia-Flex single layer PVDF diaphragm that exhibits zero breakdown or delamination, reducing field maintenance and downtime. Additional features include an operator-friendly control panel with a protective, snap-on polycarbonate cover to protect the LCD screen and the touchpad from UV exposure and the elements. The display indicates fluid output in several measurement units, including mL/min and gpm. 714/893-8529

Agru America AGRULINE large diameter HDPE pipes
The AGRULINE product group from Agru America offers a complete, high-quality product range of pipes, fittings, valves and customized components made from polyethylene for high-volume flow applications such as cooling water intakes for power plants, large sewage systems, sea water desalination or mining jobs. The company produces systems from PE 100, PE 100-RC or PE 4710 resins in dimensions up to OD 98.4 inches and 1,968 feet in length. The long-term hydraulic properties are based on a high resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, and UV radiation. 800/373-2478

Hemco Emergency Safety Showers
Emergency shower and decontamination booths from Hemco are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The molded, one-piece, seamless chemical-resistant fiberglass unit is equipped with a pull-rod activated shower and push-handle eye and face wash for quick drenching of personnel that have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. It has frosted front strip curtains, interior grab bars, raised deck grating and bottom or rear drain outlet. 800/779-4362

Hawk Gladiator Microwave Switch
The Gladiator Microwave Switch from Hawk Measurement provides a high-power, circulator-polarized microwave pulse that is emitted from the sending unit to the receiving unit in a transmission chain of approximately 100 pulses per second. It uses high-power digital micro controller technology to achieve sensitivity and reliable output under adverse conditions. Used with Hawk’s software, the unit detects a signal even with buildup in an acoustic and electrically noisy environment. 978/304-3000

Fluid Metering valveless waste transfer pump
The valveless, brushless DC waste transfer pump from Fluid Metering utilizes CeramPump valveless piston fluid control technology. A rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston does all fluid control functions within the pump, eliminating the need for check valves. It is easily integrated into any system design with a 24 VDC input supply. Flow rates can be factory calibrated from 20 to 400 mL/min. 800/223-3388

Precision Digital loop powered meters
The Loop Leader PD6000 series from Precision Digital Corp. uses solid-state relays or open collectors for single pump control or multi-pump alternation based on the last run pump or a pump timer to share pump load. It features output options, 4-20 mA isolated analog retransmission, and two open collector transistors, as well as advanced alarm and pump control features. All meters can provide alarming, with multiple alarm indication options such as programmable red LCD backlight and alarm messages. Multiple display options are also available depending on the application: decimal, decimal with bar graph, or feet and inches display for level applications. 800/343-1001

Omega Engineering FMC-500 Series flowmeters
OMEGA’s FMC-5000 Series of coriolis flowmeters measure mass fluids that can be corrosive or difficult to measure. They have no moving parts and are intended for use with flow measurements and custody transfer in applications like batch control, glending, filling, dosing, process gas measurements and more. The single meter has high accuracy and is simple to install. 888/826-6342

ABB next generation project execution module
The next generation project execution model from ABB cuts the design, engineering, installation and commissioning time of large greenfield oil and gas automation-based projects in half from 100,000 hours to about 50,000 hours. It reduces overall project risk and lowers operational costs by 20 to 30 percent. Streamlined execution is achieved using digital technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, emulation and simulation, removing the need for hardware testing in the factory. 800/435-7365

Val-Matic vacuum priming valves
Val-Matic’s vacuum priming valve is used in conjunction with a central vacuum priming system to fill a centrifugal pump with water, and is typically mounted on the suction piping or pump volute. The valve automatically allows air to be drawn out of the pumping system until the pump fills with water. When water reaches the priming valve, the float rises and closes the valve to prevent fluid from flowing to the vacuum priming system. It features stainless steel trim and float and can also be equipped with an optional water level control switch. 630/941-7600

Industrial Scientific Ventis Slide-On pump
The Ventis Slide-On pump from Industrial Scientific is compatible with both Ventis MX4 and ProSeries multi-gas monitors and reduces the need for workers to carry two or more gas detection instruments at one time. It draws air samples from up to 50 feet away, and no tools are required to attach or remove the pump from the monitor. Monitors and pumps use the same type of battery packs and chargers, making them easy to exchange. 412/788-4353

Griffco Valve Y-Strainers for chemical feed systems
The Y-strainers from Griffco Valve enhance the performance of chemical feed systems. Designed for horizontal or vertical installation, the addition of the strainer to the suction side of a chemical feed pump will prevent debris from entering the pump and clogging the check valves or damaging the interior of the pump head. They feature a standard screen perforation of 1/32 inch, with other sizes or a 316 stainless steel mesh available on request. The strainers can be PVC, clear PVC and CPVC with NPT, BSPT or socket connections in five standard sizes from 1/2 to 2 inch, and CV values from 4.0 to 28. They have a 2-1 open area ration and hex cap for easy screen access. True union, flanged and European connections are optional. 800/474-3326

LUDECA LUBExpert acoustic lubrication and greasing assistant
LUDECA’s LUBExpert user interface and measurement capabilities create an on-board lubrication and greasing assistant that guides lube techs before, during and after re-greasing, resulting in lubrication on all assets. It monitors each stroke of grease and its effect on bearing friction and temperature. The package includes Ultranalysis Suite software, which powers the data management aspects and offers the ability to design specific routes and set intervals based on either calendar or condition. The software knows the capacity of each bearing so there’s no over-lubrication and it trends friction levels before and after, generating grease consumption reports for each asset or for the entire plant. 305/591-8935


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