Water & Wastewater Product News - October 2016

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Water & Wastewater Product News - October 2016
The ModuLab from HEMCO Corporation.

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HEMCO Corporation Environmentally Controlled Enclosures
The ModuLab from HEMCO Corporation incorporates HEPA filtration to regulate air quality from Class 1,000 to 100,000. Precise temperature control is maintained with optional modified cooling systems. The system has chemical-resistant modular construction and is flexible and durable. A selection of doors, lighting, plumbing, electrical and lab furniture systems can be factory installed. The ModuLab can be used for laboratory and industrial applications such as cleanrooms, pilot plants, hazardous procedure enclosures or specialty equipment enclosures. 

Electro-Chemical Devices Universal Analyzer System
The modular X80 universal transmitter and S88 intelligent sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices include sealed barrier design with heavy-duty construction for reliable measurement of pH, ORP, DO, turbidity and conductivity. The Model X80 is available in single- or dual-channel for continuous measurement with standard MODBUS or optional HART digital communication and three optional alarm relays. The Model X80 communicates with any Model S88 sensor, automatically configuring menus and display screens to the desired measurement parameter. The X80 and S88 include 316 stainless-steel housing and a large, sealed display.

Fluid Components International Compact Thermal Flowmeter Line
Fluid Components International’s compact thermal flow meter line now includes HART, Version 7 and digital bus communication. ST51A, ST75A and ST75AV thermal mass flowmeters combine surface-mount, lead-free RoHS-compliant electronics with accurate, repeatable all-welded, equal-mass flow sensors. The added HART digital bus communication and its device driver have been tested and certified by FieldComm Group to meet the latest Version 7 standards. Outputs are dual 4-20 mA that meet NAMUR NE43 and feature a 500 Hz pulse. The electronics are housed in an IP67-rated, dual-cable port transmitter enclosure available in aluminum or stainless steel. The transmitter can be mounted directly to the flow sensor or remotely mounted up to 100 feet away. 

Appleton Group Hazardous Area Plugs and Receptacles
UPR Series plugs and receptacles from Appleton Group simplify specification in hazardous locations. A UPR plug can also be used safely in a standard, nonhazardous area when connected to an interlocking nonhazardous receptacle. Compact, lightweight and corrosion resistant, UPR Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for portable or stationary electrical equipment, such as industrial lighting systems, heaters, conveyors, motor generators and pumps. The 16- and 32-amp models are constructed of nonmetallic polyamide for corrosion resistance, and provide safety features such as color coding, mechanical interlock and a keyed design. A lockable external switch complies with IEC 60309-1, and keeps the receptacle locked while giving visual status confirmation. 

Endress+Hauser Micropilot Free Space Radar Level Transmitters
Endress+Hauser’s FMR10 and FMR20 free space radar level transmitters measure liquid levels in storage tanks, open basins, open channels, weirs and canal systems. The FMR10 measures up to 16 feet with 0.2-inch accuracy, while the FMR20 measures up to 66 feet with 0.08-inch accuracy. The FMR10 has a 4-20mA output and is Bluetooth-enabled. The SmartBlue app provides secure communication with the transmitter to configure or view envelope curves. The FMR20 has a 4-20mA HART smart output for optional remote configuration. Hermetically sealed wiring and fully potted electronics eliminate water ingress in harsh environments.

GF Piping Systems Dual Channel Transmitter
The Signet 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter from GF Piping Systems allows two measurement readings in one transmitter. Advanced functions provide the setup ease of a transmitter and the versatility of a controller. Dual channels let users connect two of the same sensor measurement types or two different types, such as pH and ORP. A large backlit dot matrix display with simplified menus illuminates measurement readings. The unit's derived functions permit control of relays and current loops with the sum, difference or ratio of two like measurements. 

Neptune Chemical Pump Company Diaphragm Metering Pump
Neptune’s Series MP7000 mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump offers a low-flow version of the Series MP7100 metering pump. It features the ruggedness of a hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, eliminates the need for intermediate fluid or hydraulic oil to actuate the diaphragm and reduces the potential for gearbox oil to contaminate the process. Its finned gearbox dissipates heat created during operation, oversized check valves improve performance and minimize friction losses, and rugged bronze gears provide quiet running and long service life. Flow is improved by a straight-through flow design of the liquid end and the elimination of the contour plate. The pump offers capacities to 27 gph at operating pressures up to 235 psi, and includes a 10-to-1 turndown via micrometer-type knob with an easy-to-read scale. It is available with a self-loading micrometer that prevents drift, and an optional automatic speed control with variable frequency or SCR drive. All models include a standard 63 IEC motor adaptor. 

Krohne Flowmeter Verification Tool
The OPTICHECK flowmeter verification tool from KROHNE provides in-situ verification for mass and other flowmeters. When connected inline, the tool gathers data to ensure a flowmeter is performing within 1 percent of factory calibration, with a confidence level of 95 percent. The baseline for comparison can be historic repair data from the factory or onsite test results. The lightweight, portable tool can verify OPTIMASS Coriolis mass meters, OPTISONIC ultrasonic flowmeters and OPTIFLUX, TIDALFLUX and WATERFLUX electromagnetic meters. It provides a hard copy report as well as digital storage of verification data. Cables and accessories are included, as well as an option to download factory calibrations. 

Flygt - A Xylem Brand Submersible Pump
The 3000 Series electric submersible pumps from Flygt - a Xylem brand, provide a rental option for temporary bypass pumping projects. The small- and midsized pumps cover a large performance range and are classified as low, medium or high-head pumps. The nonclog pumps work well for solids-bearing liquids. The submersible pumps are a cost-effective rental option for lift-station repairs and plant upgrades. Hoses, HDPE piping, generators, high-tech monitoring and control systems are also available from any Xylem rental location.

Singer Valve Level Controller
The LCP-TP single-process level controller from Singer Valve complements Singer’s single solenoid-operated/override control valves and sensor. The controller is programmed with customized level control algorithms and offers local control via interactive display or remote control via 4-20mA or Serial Modbus SCADA communication. It has AC or DC external power options and contains 24VDC internal power supply for PLC and field sensor power. It has an IP 67 enclosure rating and is UL-certified, built with surge protection as well as over circuit protection. It is capable of on/off level control using input from level switches or 4-20mA level transmitters.


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