Why Choose Modular Water Treatment Systems?

When your water system needs to find a simple, affordable and effective approach to water treatment, a modular system might be the answer. Find out if this option is right for you.

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Why Choose Modular Water Treatment Systems?
AdEdge offers a complete pre-packaged modular system with automated valves, flow meter, pressure gauges and flow controls for simple permitting and installation.

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EPA regulations for contaminant removal have placed an unprecedented challenge upon small public water systems to cost-effectively meet safe drinking water compliance objectives. Many small potable water systems such as schools, day care centers, housing developments and manufacturing facilities need options that are simple, affordable and effective. Additionally, solutions are needed that require less engineering by adapting to existing space — and infrastructure. 

AdEdge Water Technologies’ answer to this market need is a line of modular water treatment systems designed specifically for these applications.

As the leader in providing cost-effective public drinking water treatment solutions, AdEdge Water Technologies has successfully deployed many systems in the field, accumulating an unparalleled track record of performance. Similar to the skid-mounted AdEdge Package Units (APUs), these compact modular systems can use various AdEdge media types to remove arsenic, iron and manganese, uranium, radium, nitrates and other contaminants. Systems are shipped ready for field assembly and installation by a qualified contractor or installer. Modular systems are available in various flow rates and configurations.

Why should you choose a modular system?

  • AdEdge offers a complete prepackaged modular system with automated valves, flowmeter, pressure gauges and flow controls for simple permitting and installation.
  • You'll get strong technical support, and AdEdge will work closely with you to size, design and offer value added engineering assistance and permitting support.
  • Performance guarantee resulting in reduced liability; AdEdge’s extensive network of field installations (now over 2,000 installations) allows us to predict and stand behind the performance of our systems and media.
  • Small footprint and portability to fit in tight spaces where limited room is available.

Where can modular systems be used?

  • Non-transient, non-community water systems
  • Schools, churches
  • Day care centers
  • Retirement homes
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Housing developments
  • Rest stops
  • Environmental remediation
  • Industrial process applications
  • Industrial parks

About AdEdge Water Technologies
Headquartered just north of Atlanta, Georgia, AdEdge Water Technologies specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of innovative water treatment solutions that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams. AdEdge offers a full range of conventional and innovative treatment technologies to achieve trough standards including adsorption, coagulation, ion exchange, biofiltration and membrane-based solutions. For more information, call 866/8ADEDGE or visit www.adedgetechnologies.com.


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