Top 5 Benefits of the biottta System

When it comes to nitrogen removal, the biottta system offers a plethora of benefits. See why municipalities are choosing this microbial digestive process to treat contaminants.

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Top 5 Benefits of the biottta System

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Biottta, which stands for biologically tailored, two-stage treatment approach, is a natural process that cultivates native microorganisms found in groundwater aquifers. To survive in the aquifer, these microbes adapted to feed on inorganic and organic constituents that often pose a health risk to humans. Biottta promotes the growth of these benign bacteria, and in turn, they completely consume targeted contaminants. The microbial digestive process of nitrates results in low levels of nitrogen gas.

The technology is used to help municipalities and public agencies cost-effectively treat contaminated groundwater sources. So why should you choose the system? Here are the top five benefits to consider:

1. It’s cost-effective. 
The biottta system exerts low O&M and life cycle costs due to the low energy demand, high water recoveries and lack of brine waste.

2. It’s green. 
biottta is a low-energy system that eliminates nitrates from the environment rather than concentrating the contaminant, which eliminates high-strength brine streams and the addition of salt to a given watershed. The system can also achieve water recovery rates greater than 96 percent.

3. It’s robust. 
Hydraulic and water treatment performance is independent of raw water quality and treatment goals and is insensitive to wide swings in operating conditions.

4. It’s flexible. 
The system can remove multiple contaminants in a single reactor and across a two-stage process. Nitrate, perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, selenate, arsenic, uranium and many volatile organic compounds can be removed without multiple add-on unit processes.

5. It’s straightforward. 
biottta is comparable in design and operation to conventional granular media filtration. In addition, the biottta system is highly automated, reducing the need for extensive  — and expensive — operator attention.

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