WERF To Research Priority Trace Organics in Biosolids

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The Water Environment Research Foundation has awarded McAvoy Consulting in Cincinnati, Ohio, with collaborators from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Florida, a contract to gather and generate data for priority trace organics in biosolids. The goal of this research, entitled "Developing Exposure and Toxicity Data for Priority Trace Organics in Biosolids," is to obtain needed information for conducting biosolids amended-soil risk assessments for three high-priority trace organic compounds: polybromiated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), azithromycin and ciprofloxacin.

Results from the research — to be conducted over two years — will be used in the regulatory decision-making process. The data will help develop a better understanding of fate and exposure of biosolids-borne constituents and their potential effects on terrestrial ecological health and groundwater quality for the purpose of guiding decision makers, water agencies, regulators, product manufacturers and consumers.

Key outcomes can be used to:

  • Complete the risk assessments for human health and the environment from exposure to the target trace organic compounds as a result of land application of biosolids.
  • Enhance the ability of stakeholders (including wastewater utilities, land appliers, local state and national regulatory agencies and product manufacturers) to effectively communicate on issues related to trace organic compounds in biosolids-amended soils.
  • Inform stakeholders on any measures that might need to be taken to ensure the safety of biosolids land application practices with regard to trace organic compounds.

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The Water Environment Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed in 1989, is America’s leading independent scientific research organization dedicated to wastewater and stormwater issues.


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