January 2016 Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what's going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

Editor's Note: Each month, we'll be bringing you a roundup of new water and wastewater projects from across the country. If you would like your town or city's project included here, please email Digital Editor Jennifer West at jennifer.west@colepublishing.com.

Project: New Chromium-6 removal process using strong-base anion-exchange resin.
Details: Upgrade necessary to comply with new standards that limit Chromium-6 to 10 ppb. The affected California Water Services wells report naturally occurring Chromium-6 of 15-24 ppb.
Status: Complete
Contractors: Corona Environmental Consulting, Ionex SG, West Valley Construction

Project: Organic Materials Recovery Center at Chadborne Road faility, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District
Details: Plant will use biosolids and organics to create biogas and a Class A biofertilizer marketed as LysteGro
Status: In progress. Construction began in October 2015. Completion anticipated in 2016.
Partner: Lystek International Inc.

Paso Robles
Project: New Lake Nacimiento Water Treatment Plant
Details: Will treat 2.4 mgd per day. Four operators will run the plant. Plant treats water from Lake Nacimiento, and will only run from May to October by 2017. The city will use groundwater when not using lake water.
Status: Complete
Cost: $11.7 million

San Luis Obispo
Project: Upgrades to Water Resources Recovery Facility
Details: Includes upgrades to water processing systems and control systems. A combined heat and power system the facility to generate electricity from biogas.
Status: Complete. Tours and ribbon-cutting ceremony held Dec. 2.
Cost: $9.5 million
Partner: Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Stirling City
Project: Del Oro water filtration plant upgrade
Details: Two additional filter sets, which increased capacity by 40 percent.
Status: Open house, Dec. 9
Cost: $1.2 million

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Ion exchange treatment plant.
Status: Opened Dec. 9
Cost: $4.8 million
Contractors: McKim and Creed Engineering, Ixom Watercare

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Will treat an average daily flow of .92 mgd with excess flow capacity of 10 mgd.
Status: Groundbreaking, Dec. 10
Cost: $23 million
Contractor: Leander Construction

Project: Fox Metro new wastewater treatment plant
Details: New plant will meet Illinois EPA phosphorus reductions requirements by 2019. Fox Metro will build a new South Plant facility.
Status: Contractors selected. Constructions slated to being in early 2016.
Cost: $92 million
Contractor: River City Construction, LLC

Project: Lift station and force main
Details: Project will allow Natural Advantage to send industrial wastewater to the city’s wastewater treatment facility
Status: Approved.

Project: Solar photovoltaic array at Medfield Wastewater Treatment Plant
Details: Array includes 765 panels. In the first year of operation, the array is expected to produce an estimated annual output of 299,600 kWh, or 40 percent of what is needed to run the plant.
Cost: $492,483
Contractor: Greenskies Renewables LLC, Middleton, Connecticut

Project: New wastewater treatment plant.
Details: Completely funded by FEMA. Estimated to open in 18 months. Plant will process 1.25 mgd.
Status: Groundbreaking, Dec. 7
Cost: $24 million

North Dakota
Project: Wastewater treatment plant
Details: Replaces a lagoon-style system. New plant will reduce ammonia concentration and reduce amount of treated wastewater being released into nearby marshes.
Cost: $105 million
Status: First phase complete. Project completion scheduled for 2017.

British Columbia
Port Alberni
Project: New Bainbridge water treatment plant
Details: UV plant. City switched from chlorine gas to hypochlorite. Features a “living roof” system that includes a medium for growing vegetation. Plant was also designed with south-facing windows to naturally heat the building.
Status: Complete.
Cost: $4 million (Canadian)
Contractors: Windley Contracting, Koers Engineering and Associates 


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