AWWA Provides Cyanotoxin Resources for Water Professionals

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Through a collaborative effort with Hazen and Sawyer and Utah State University, the AWWA is providing several free tools in its new online Cyanotoxins Resource Community. These tools can help utilities assess treatment responses to elevated levels of cyanotoxins.

The new web page includes a spreadsheet tool to assess removal of extracellular cyanotoxins by chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide and potassium permanganate. This calculator reflects the best available information on cyanotoxin oxidation from the peer-reviewed literature. The tool can be used to develop a preliminary assessment of either existing treatment process effectiveness or to consider treatment alternatives.

Also included are two protocols for benchtop tests that utilities can use to gather data on cyanotoxin removal using water from their own water treatment plants. Water professionals will also find a protocol for testing oxidation processes and a protocol for jar testing to assess removal by powered activated carbon addition. A second spreadsheet is available to assist systems evaluate benchtop PAC jar test results.

For more information, visit the Cyanotoxins Resource Community.

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