Exam Study Guide: Flow Equalization Tanks

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When faced with a licensing exam, don't struggle with test anxiety! Use the question below and others from our Exam Study Guide series to properly study and prepare for exam questions. Take a look at this sample wastewater treatment licensing question along with an explanation of the correct answer.

Sample question:

Flow equalization tanks may be installed to:

A) Equalize or balance highly fluctuating flows
B) Allow for the dilution of strong wastes
C) Neutralize strong acids and bases
D) All of the above

Although fairly uncommon because of size and land requirements needs, equalization basins can be a huge benefit for continuous treatment with a standard quality effluent. They can absorb high flows and also dilute strong concentrations. Because of this ability, they will also neutralize acids and bases in much the same way as a wastewater lagoon. Equalization basins are a great addition to small- and medium-sized systems because they allow the standardization of a consistent flow entering the wastewater treatment facility.

Therefore, the correct answer is: D) All of the above.

About the author
Mike Smith is program coordinator and lead faculty of the Water Quality Management program at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colo. He has been in charge of the multifaceted training program since 1996.


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