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From sample questions to math guides, this is your one-stop shop for test preparation. The sample test questions listed here represent what you might find on a water or wastewater exam. Test your knowledge, and then read through a complete explanation of the answer. You'll also find some basic test preparation tips and hints from industry professionals.

Editor Update: The topmost Study Guide links are written by expert contributor Ron Trygar of the University of Florida’s TREEO Center. Working alongside the Florida DEP Northeast District, Trygar helped initiate the operator certification review classes that are still given around the state today. He also serves on the board that creates real-life exam questions.

Water/Wastewater Treatment Study Guides
Luxury Uptake of Phosphorus; and Chlorine Dosing Math
Aeration Tank Nitrification; and Consumer Complaints
Plant Operating Condition; and Transmission Line Flow Rate
Nitrate Conversion; and Permanganate-Greensand Filters
The MLE Process; and Monochloramine Production
Ground-Level Drainage; and Hydrogen Sulfide
Water Chemistry; and Water Softening

More Wastewater Treatment Quizzes 
Bar Screen Knowledge
Sludge Bulking
Problem Solving
Activated Sludge Troubleshooting
What Exactly is pH?
Wastewater Measuring Devices
Dealing With Flow Surges
Sludge Detention Time
Operational Math
Rotating Biological Contactor
Flow Equalization Tanks
Preliminary/Primary Treatment
Types of Activated Sludge Systems
Oxidation Ditches
Filamentous Organisms
Dissolved Oxygen Readings
Organic Loading Math
Trickling Filters
Rotating Biological Contactor Speed
Aerobic Digestion
Fine Screens
Primary Sedimentation Tank BOD
Anaerobic Digestion Temperature
Grit and Landfills
Temperatures and Denitrification
Combustible Gases
Activated Sludge General Knowledge
Activated Sludge Math
Dealing With Nocardia Foaming
Bionutrient Removal Systems
Fixed Film

More Water Treatment Quizzes
Backwash Rate
Disinfection Byproducts Rule
Fluoride Dosing
Monitoring Plans
Influent Flow Rate
Water Treatment Safety
Removing Hydrogen Sulfide
Water Supply Evaluation
Pipe Measurement
Zero Water Hardness Capability
Lowering pH
Breakpoint Chlorination
Copper Sulfate
Waterborne Illness
Collecting Samples
Positive Displacement Meters
Water Math Question
Chlorine Withdraw Rate
Oxygen Levels
Collection Systems General Knowledge
Filtration Rate Math
Backwash Rates
Maximum Contaminant Levels
Public Water Systems
Chlorine Cylinder Emergency Leak Repair
Ion Exchange Water Softening

General Studying Preparation
Beating Test Anxiety
The Secret to Wastewater Math
5 Tips to Acing Wastewater Exam Math Questions
Wastewater Math: 5 Must-Have Guides for Your Bookshelf


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