MRWA Creates Free Apps for Wastewater Industry

MRWA Creates Free Apps for Wastewater Industry
The Missouri Rural Water Association has introduced a series of mobile phone applications to help water and wastewater operators calculate complex formulas with just the swipe of a finger.

Simplifying technical measurements and data collection is a priority for all wastewater treatment plant operators. Now, your smartphone could become your most valuable tool for streamlining daily plant operations, thanks in part to the Missouri Rural Water Association. 

In 2012, the MRWA began rolling out a series of 10 free apps — available for Android and IOS devices — designed to help water and wastewater operators calculate complex formulas with just the swipe of a finger. 

“All of these apps give you the power to calculate the math on the spot with your phone or tablet,” says Randy Norden, MRWA deputy executive director. 

The 10 apps cover well disinfection, tank disinfection, leak loss calculations, and chemical pump sizing, and are offered as a free service to MRWA members. 

The organization plans to continue creating free apps for the water and wastewater industry. 

John Hoagland, MRWA executive director, agrees that this service is valuable. “We see this as just another service we can offer both our members and the industry as a whole,” he says. 

In addition, Hoagland hopes this cutting-edge technology will show how progressive rural associations have become. 

“Today’s generation has grown up with computers, smartphones, and now apps,” he says. “Creating water and wastewater apps simply provides the tools to not only younger professionals, but their older peers to do their jobs faster, easier and more efficiently. We hope the creation and distribution of smartphone apps by a ‘rural’ water association works to dispel a stereotype that some might have when they hear the term ‘rural water,’” he says. “We ain’t just windmills and hand pumps anymore.” 

The apps can be downloaded in the iTunes or Google Play stores. Or, for those who don’t have a smartphone, an online version of each app is available at 

The MRWA offers the following free apps: 

Wastewater Inflow Calculator (iTunes, Android)

With this app, wastewater operators can figure inflow and exceedence for reporting or recordkeeping. 

Leak Loss Calculator (iTunes, Android)

This app calculates the amount of water lost based on the size of the leak and the pressure of the main, making reporting easier. 

Sizing a Chemical Pump (iTunes, Android)

Calculates the size of chemical pump needed for your specific application, depending on water flow, dosing requirements and strength of chemical needed. 

Well Disinfection (iTunes, Android)

Calculates the amount of chlorine bleach needed to disinfect a well. 

Percent Efficiency Calculator (iTunes, Android)

Simply enter the influent and effluent lab results for any parameter, including BOD and TSS, and the calculator will determine how efficiently the process removed the parameter. Within seconds, wastewater specialists can calculate the efficiency of the wastewater treatment facility or any of the individual process within the plant. 

Disinfection Calculations (iTunes, Android)

An easy way for water professionals to calculate tank and pipe disinfection amounts. Simply insert tank or pipe sizes along with the desired ppm, and allow the app to calculate the chlorine dosage. 

Well Drawdown (iTunes, Android)

Water professionals can enter the pressure readings from the air line installed with the submersible pump to determine well drawdown and specific capacity. 

Flushing Flows (iTunes, Android)

Estimating flushing flows has never been easier. This app helps estimate hydrant flushing and flushing devices made from pipe for various reasons when a gauge is not available and accurate calculations are not essential. 

Wastewater Infiltration Calculator (iTunes, Android)

Wastewater operators will find this tool invaluable for determining the amount of infiltration from various breaks and holes in the lines. 

Dosage Calculations for Water Treatment (iTunes, Android)

Water specialists can make on-the-spot calculations with this app. Various calculations allow you to make the necessary changes in treatment.


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