ACE13 Showcases Latest Water Treatment Technologies

ACE13 Showcases Latest Water Treatment Technologies
FlowCAM digital imaging particle analyzer from Fluid Imaging Technologies

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The AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition showcased the latest in technologies for water treatment and distribution and the maintenance of infrastructure. Visit this page for daily capsule reports on products seen in the exhibit hall.

Speed settling with ballasted clarification 

The BioMag system from Siemens uses magnetite to ballast conventional biological floc, enhancing settling rates and increasing water treatment facility performance while reducing life-cycle costs. The system integrates with planned or existing facilities. The system can provide up to threefold greater treatment capacity in existing clarifiers. Siemens Water Technologies, 866/926-8420;

Easily measure multiple parameters

The HydroACT 300 analyzer is part of a family designed to provide high-quality scalable solutions for water treatment. It integrates with a wide range of sensors including free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, ozone, ORP and pH. The model 300 is the most basic in the series and provides an affordable solution when only one to three measurements are required. It has extensive chemical control features and a wide range of digital communications. Chemtrac, 770/449-6233;

Simplify testing with hand-held colorimeter

The hand-held DR 900 colorimeter allows quick and easy access to the most-often-used testing methods. The device is waterproof, dustproof and field durable. It has an intuitive user interface and allows easy data transfer; it has capacity to run up to 90 of the most common tests. Users’ favorite tests are always readily available. The device comes with two 1-inch glass sample cells marked at 10, 20 and 25 mL, two 1 cm plastic sample cells, a 16 mm COD/Test 'N Tube adapter, four AA alkaline batteries, a printed multilingual instrument manual, and instrument and procedure manuals on CD. Hach, 800/227-4224;

Mix water tanks to prevent freezing

Active mixers constantly stir water inside storage tanks to prevent winter icing and resultant tank damage. The devices use a low-horsepower electric mixer at the tank bottom to keep warmer water circulating upward and so keep the water at the top from freezing. The units are made of all 316 stainless steel and are food safe and NSF 61 certified. PAX Water Technologies, 866/729-6493;

Measure manganese in real time

The ChemScan mini MN inline manganese analyzer provides reliable and accurate measurements. It is designed to reduce maintenance and includes large inside-diameter sample tubing to minimize plugging. Reagent fills last a full three months. The device provides automatic analysis using the proven formaldoxime method. It is easily adjusted and calibrated in the field. The device measures manganese levels from 0.01 to 8.0 mg/L to within 2 percent. ASA Analytics, 262/717-9500;

Get high performance from an easy-to-install underdrain

The Leopold Type XA underdrain has a low-profile design that enhances versatility and performance. It installs quickly and easily and has a grout pocket that eliminates underdrain anchors, reducing the number of parts. Quick-click handles let two workers easily maneuver blocks into position. A GROUT-TITE bridge keeps grout from entering the flume. Leveling is easy with just a tap. The grout pocket helps hold the block in place with a two-part grout pour. Interior baffles allow forgiving installation tolerances. Leopold, a Xylem brand, 724/452-6300;

Inspect and clean water tanks efficiently

Tank inspection service using robotic tools from Aquabotix helps water utilities assess tank condition while simultaneously cleaning. A remote-controlled underwater inspection vehicle can record live video and capture photos in high definition. Users can closely examine small areas of suspected contamination on tank surfaces and remove them with front-mounted rotating brushes. The unit can be driven with iPad or laptop applications. Pittsburgh Tank & Tower Co., 270/826-9000;

Remove solids efficiently from tank bottoms

The Zickert Shark compact solids removal mechanism provides continuous sludge removal from rectangular sedimentation tanks without disturbing the sludge blanket or interrupting the sedimentation process. The transport dynamics are based on the forward and return movement of the scraper blades. The concave blade faces move the sediment toward the sludge pit or siphon pipes. The scraper sections’ oscillating motion creates a thickening effect in the solids, increasing their concentration during transport and reducing the volume to be pumped or dewatered. Scrapers can be electrically or hydraulically driven. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing tanks. WesTech, 801/265-1000;

Get chemical pumping capability in a convenient package

Complete, fully integrated chemical pumping solutions are mounted on a compact skid, 30 inches deep to allow passage through doorways for easy installation. Packages are designed to handle all water treatment chemical pumping applications and are delivered fully assembled, pre-piped and leak-tested. Simplex, duplex and triplex configurations are available. The skid consists of an HDPE shell frame with a leak containment basin and forklift access. Each pump supplied with the skid includes a calibration column, diaphragm isolated pressure gauge, isolation valves, pressure relief valve, pulsation damper, suction strainer, sample port, and clear PVC for relief. Verder, 877/783-7337;

Help consumers become wiser water users

The geo water display helps utilities promote wise water use among consumers. A companion to the company’s water meters, the device allows residential users to monitor and analyze their water use. The display is linked to the water meter and receives messages about water usage several times per minute via wireless communication. Information can be displayed in real time 24 hours a day. The display tells customers how much water they are using at a given moment, how much the water is costing, and whether usage is above or below a target (configured by the user). It also tells how the homeowner how the household’s usage compares with similar households that have the same number of occupants. Kamstrup;

Get fast, easy THM readings

The Parker THM Analyzer provides rapid measurement of trihalomethanes to help ensure safe drinking water without the work of sample preparation and off-site analysis. The unit is an integrated purge-and-trap gas chromatograph that measures THMs at the parts per billion level in less than 30 minutes in the treatment plant laboratory. It helps operators optimize treatment at the plant and evaluate water age in the distribution system, improving control over formation of THMs, and EPA-regulated disinfection byproduct. With the push of a button, the analyzer performs sample purging, THM component separation, and data analysis. Parker Hannifin Corp., 256/881-2024;

Count and identify algae automatically

The FlowCAM digital imaging particle analyzer lets users detect, identify and quantify nuisance algae (and other problem particulate matter) in just a few minutes. It automates the process of classifying and counting algal cells, achieving much faster and more accurate results than can be achieved with manual microscopy. Using pattern recognition techniques, users can create image-based filters that can be used to differentiate between organisms of interest, such as taste- and odor-causing algae. The system measures and stores more than 40 parameters for every particle image, enabling it to differentiate many algal types. Libraries of specific algal species can be constructed and saved for future use. Fluid Imaging Technologies, 207/846-6100;


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