Inside the November 2012 Issue of Treatment Plant Operator

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Ahead of the Curve Ahead of the Curve
The team in Glendale Heights, Ill., anticipates regulatory changes and adopts newer and better technologies to keep delivering quality effluent.
Flawless for Decades Flawless for Decades
Two exemplary Twin Cities treatment plants benefit from teamwork and shared resources across the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services organization.
A ‘Wide-Angle’ View A ‘Wide-Angle’ View
Dick Champion learned to lead his utility with a broad perspective that includes a watershed approach to wastewater, stormwater and drinking water.
Quietly Effective Quietly Effective
Large-diameter, low-speed fans create silent, nondisruptive airflow that can greatly enhance comfort and improve productivity in treatment plant workspaces.
Wastewater  Treatment Systems Wastewater Treatment Systems Worth Noting - November 2012 Worth Noting - November 2012 Product News - November 2012 Product News - November 2012 Clear Improvement Clear Improvement
Clarifier evaluations help operators understand solids profiles and flow patterns and make physical or operation adjustments to improve capacity.
Sands of Time Sands of Time
A Cincinnati treatment plant saves money and improves treatment by replacing aging sand filters with a new disc filter system.
Eye-Opening Eye-Opening
Stimulus funds help the Scottsdale Water Resources Department see the potential for energy efficiency from savings from more efficient aeration.
Wastewater Treatment Systems Wastewater Treatment Systems Holding System Uses Renewable  Energy for Remote Operation Holding System Uses Renewable Energy for Remote Operation
Energy self-sufficient stormwater holding tank from Festo.
Best Face Forward Best Face Forward
Murals painted on structures help a Georgia treatment plant add to an inviting picture for residents and arriving tourists.
Thanks for PlantScapes Which Side of the Fence?
The water profession has its wastewater and drinking water sides. How do operators compare the two for challenges, rewards, respect and work conditions?
Industry News - November 2012 Industry News - November 2012 Reaching Open Minds Reaching Open Minds
Wastewater operators play a key role in an annual water festival in Ontario that offers grade-school students hands-on learning experiences.