REXA actuators offer reliable control of any valve or gate service. Its electraulic technology operates like an electric actuator that employs a hydraulic transmission without the use of an actively pressurized reservoir system. 

The technology eliminates maintenance burdens, liability concerns and high costs of ownership. The result is a hydraulically driven actuator designed to modulate accurately and reliably over long periods without attention.

Superior control

REXA can turn any valve or gate into an accurate flow control device. Specifically, REXA can modulate a butterfly valve close to the seat, dramatically improving the efficiency of processes such as aeration or filtration. The company can also modulate gates in collections and UV systems.

Reliable operation

REXA is designed to reliably operate in demanding applications and during worst-case scenarios, easing worries about collections system gates moving during wet-weather events. The technology can offer operators peace of mind, assuring them that critical valves and gates will operate when called upon.

Dramatic cost reduction

Products that operate reliably over long periods eliminate unnecessary costs. REXA can eliminate unexpected failures on demanding valve or gate services, helping users’ bottom line.

REXA is a custom-designed, American-made product designed to solve problems through retrofits of existing infrastructure or in new construction. 

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