No Lower Bearings, Sprockets, Bushings or Guides With Raptor FalconRake Bar Screen

The Lakeside Raptor FalconRake bar screen is an efficient, proven, cost-effective screen technology for inorganic solids removal, protecting downstream equipment in municipal and industrial applications. 

High removal efficiency and low headloss is achieved with multiple rakes continuously removing captured material. The Raptor FalconRake bar screen features a durable stainless steel chain-link design for solids removal without the need of lower bearings, sprockets, bushings or guides, thus eliminating any fouling or jam conditions in the channel. 

The Raptor FalconRake offers a wide range of bar shapes and depths to ensure successful operation regardless of the application, creating an efficient, durable, dependable and rapid debris-removal system.

Design and construction

Product features include all stainless steel construction to resist corrosion and a low-horsepower, energy-efficient drive system. The unit requires minimal headroom above the operating floor.

The Raptor FalconRake offers bar spacing available from 1/4 inch and features a variable speed to ensure quality cleaning and a durable cast stainless steel chain-link system.

Customers can optionally add a cover for odor control, an explosionproof design or weather protection system, or teardrop-shaped bars for reduced headloss.

The complete package

The Raptor FalconRake bar screen can be used in tandem with the Raptor wash press to wash, compact and dewater captured screenings. The screen and wash press equipment controls can be integrated into one control panel for smooth and efficient operation.

Low maintenance, high performance

The Lakeside Raptor FalconRake bar screen operation is simple. As wastewater flows through the screen, solids are captured on the face of the bar screen. Multiple rake heads with teeth that penetrate the bar screen transport solids to the top of the unit where a debris wiper blade removes solids into a discharge chute. Materials then fall from the chute into a conveyor, washer/compactor or dumpster for disposal. 

The low-horsepower, energy-efficient drive operates at low or high speed to ensure the most effective capture/solids removal in the wastewater stream. Maintenance, although rarely needed according to the manufacturer, is easily achieved at the operating floor level since no part of the drive system is located below water.

The Raptor FalconRake offers efficient, economical performance for municipal wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, surface water intake structures and combined sewer overflows.

Lakeside Equipment Corp. is an engineering and manufacturing company concentrating on helping improve the quality of water resources. Lakeside started engineering water purification systems for municipalities and companies throughout North America in 1928. Today, the company operates globally. For more details on the design and performance of the Raptor FalconRake bar screen, contact Lakeside.

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