Fix Leaking Pipes With Versatile HYMAX VERSA Couplings

The HYMAX VERSA is a coupling that wraps around damaged pipe usually repaired with the cut-and-replace technique while providing dynamic deflection to reduce the risk of damage caused by ground shifts. 

Installers can simply wrap the HYMAX VERSA around the damaged pipe, and HYMAX’s hydraulic pressure-assisted gasket offers a kind of shock absorber to minimize damage due to ground shifts. 

An adaptable solution

In situations where cutting pipe involves adhering to stringent environmental precautions, HYMAX VERSA installation time is a fraction of standard repair techniques since pipes can be coupled in one step without cutting pipe. The coupling can also be used for stab-fit connections, meaning that installers can use this product to make a variety of repairs no matter what they uncover in the ground. 

Used for a wide array of piping materials and diameters, the HYMAX VERSA has an extra-wide tolerance of up to 1.3 inches to allow utilities to reduce their inventory by only keeping a small number of products on hand. 

The coupling’s weld-free construction and all stainless steel parts make it tough and resistant to corrosion. The elimination of welds is crucial since these areas are where corrosion often starts. The HYMAX VERSA’s top-facing bolts and lightweight construction enable easy installation and handling with minimum manpower.

Krausz Industries Ltd. and Krausz USA Inc. are subsidiaries of Mueller Water Products. Krausz develops, designs and manufactures smart products for repairing and connecting different kinds of pipes for potable water and sewage. It offers a broad portfolio of solutions, including standard products that range from 1.5 to 70 inches and custom-made products according to customers’ needs.

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