Grit Handling/Removal/Hauling - Weir Specialty Pumps (WEMCO) Hydrogritter

Municipal wastewater contains significant amounts of grit from inflow and infiltration that originates in cracked and leaky pipes, manholes, and stormwater. The Weir Specialty Pumps (WEMCO) Hydrogritter is a grit classifier system, which removes 95 percent of all particles with a specific gravity of 2.65 and greater. The grit classifier’s main purpose is to protect downstream equipment from damage due to abrasive wear. The first step to removing grit is to concentrate it, and the first step is a cyclone that concentrates the grit slurry to approximately a 10-1 ratio. After the grit is concentrated, it drops into a settling pool, specifically sized for removing fine grit. When in the pool, the grit particles settle, while the lighter particles, such as organics, float and are carried over the weir at the end of the pool, to be returned to the wastewater stream. The settled grit is then carried up the inclined bottom to the discharge chute, where it is dropped into a dumpster for final disposal. 800-716-5050;


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