Covers/Domes/Infrastructure - WesTech Engineering DuoSphere Double Membrane Gas Holder

The DuoSphere Double Membrane Gas Holder from WesTech Engineering can maximize gas storage capability while providing odor containment. The dual nature of the product, which includes both an inner lining and external cover made of high-strength fabric, allows for constant pressure regulation. The custom-sized, lightweight cover can adapt to both slab- or tank-mounted applications. It is an effective alternative to a steel digester cover while also adding biogas storage and odor containment. The gas chamber comes sealed from the factory, and the design allows easy access to inspect the inner membrane. High-strength fabric and a radio frequency welding process make complex reinforcing cables or framework unnecessary in most situations. It requires no field welding or painting. A gas detection system continuously monitors the air within the space between the membranes for any potential gas leaks. 801-265-1000;


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