MBBRs - Kruger USA AnoxKaldnes MBBR Pack

The AnoxKaldnes MBBR Pack from Kruger USA provides all the advantages of a conventional MBBR system in a standard prefabricated, easy-to-install package for quicker delivery, limited engineering costs and on-site infrastructure, and automatic operation. The technology is based on the biofilm principle, which uses microorganisms for biological treatment of wastewater. The microorganisms grow on the surfaces of plastic carriers in the treatment reactor. As the carriers move through wastewater in the reactor, microorganisms use contaminants present in the effluent for their biological activity. The design of the carriers ensures that maximum surface area is provided for the development of biofilm, enabling high treatment capacity in a small footprint. The flexibility of the technology allows for compact and efficient solutions for new installations as well as upgrades of existing biological processes. 919/677-8310; www.veoliawatertech.com


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