Pumps - Vertiflo Pump Company Model 700

The Model 700 industrial vertical nonclog sewage ejector pump from Vertiflo Pump Company is designed for long life in tough services with heads to 100 feet TDH and flows to 1,500 gpm. The 1 1/2-inch Model 724 and 1 1/4-inch Model 720 are standard. The impeller is a fully enclosed two-vane nonclog design with wiping vanes that reduce axial loading and prolong bearing life. Wiping vanes aid in keeping particles from behind impeller and pump bearing assembly. The impeller is secured to the shaft by taper fit with woodruff key/nut. There is a flanged discharge on all sizes. Designed specifically for solids handling, it incorporates a long-radius elbow, reducing friction loss and allowing smooth flow through the discharge pipe. 513/530-0888; www.vertiflopump.com


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