The Hurricane submersible aspirating aerator/mixer from RWL Water is designed for mixing and aerating deep tanks that have a small surface area, including aerobic digesters, biosolids holding tanks, activated sludge basins, flow equalization basins, post-aeration basins and sequencing batch reactors. It provides 360-degree submersed fine-bubble aeration at the base, up to 26 feet deep. The mixer is freestanding, with adjustable diffuser pipes to fit any basin shape. The high-speed rotating impeller propels water at high velocities through the extended diffuser pipes, creating agitation and influencing a large mixing area. It grinds and cuts solids for maximum contact between bacteria, oxygen and waste material. The hardened 17-4 stainless steel impeller allows for operation in applications with up to 4 percent solids. It has a chemical-duty, explosion-proof, water-cooled motor, and is designed to withstand cold temperatures. 763/746-8400;


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