Headworks - Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Pearl Process

The Pearl Process from Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies resolves struvite issues and provides a comprehensive approach to nutrient management. It is based on controlled chemical precipitation in a fluidized bed reactor that recovers struvite in the form of highly pure crystalline pellets or prills. Nutrient-rich feed streams are mixed with magnesium chloride and, if necessary, sodium hydroxide and then fed into the reactor, where minute particles or struvite seeds begin to form. Like a pearl, these seeds grow in diameter until they reach the desired size – 0.9 to 3.0 mm – which is precisely controlled by varying key parameters. In a municipal wastewater treatment plant, up to 85 percent of the phosphorus and 40 percent of the ammonia load is removed using this process, recovering the phosphorus for reuse as an eco-friendly fertilizer, marketed as Crystal Green. Implementation results in reduced chemical dependency, reduced biosolids production, increased plant efficiency and the creation of a new revenue stream for the plant. 604/408-6697; www.ostara.com.


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