Seals - Inpro/Seal Company Smart Shaft Grounding

Smart Shaft Grounding from Inpro/Seal Company combines Current Diverter Ring technology with features to increase reliability and decrease maintenance costs. They increase motor reliability by providing voltages a low impedance path to ground away from the bearings while monitoring grounding effectiveness. They provide permanent protection from conduction-inhibiting shaft oxidation and offer continuous monitoring and feedback of shaft grounding performance. With conductive filaments and a bearing-bronze sleeve design, they integrate Current Diverter Ring technology and the VBXX Bearing Isolator to protect against contamination ingress and lubrication loss as well as stray currents. Isolated conductive filaments and a zero-maintenance conductive bronze rotor provide connectivity in harsh conditions. The Smart Ground Monitor alerts users in real time of non-optimal contact between the filaments and shaft. 800/447-0524;


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