Chemicals/Chemical Feed Equipment - Ixom Watercare SulfaLock HiGel

SulfaLock HiGel low-viscosity magnesium hydroxide solution from Ixom Watercare is a gentle alkali reagent widely used for acid neutralization. When added directly to wastewater it can control odor and corrosion problems in sewage networks. It is a specially formulated thixotropic product designed for spray application onto concrete assets subject to acid corrosion. Sprayed onto sewer lines, maintenance holes, pump stations, wet wells and chambers, the suspension eliminates acid corrosion and increases the asset life by forming an alkaline coating, and continues to provide a sacrificial coating to the integrity of concrete sewer walls for two to three years. It is suited to applications where sewer networks are long and have long retention times, pH is low, dissolved sulfide levels are high, and sewer corrosion and odor is severe. 877/414-6439;


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