Vertical/Lift Station Pumps - AppTech Solutions CENTURY Pump Station

CENTURY Pump Stations from AppTech Solutions are available in a full line of vertical and horizontal configurations and are fabricated using structurally reinforced thermoplastic (SRTP). The SRTP material permits the fabrication of lightweight yet robust pump station wet wells, combining the strength of spirally wound structural profiles with the durability and noncorrosive attributes of pressure rated high-density polyethylene, giving this line of pump stations a service life of approximately 100 years. The line is customizable to meet project-specific requirements and is designed to meet the needs of public and private sector entities that pump wastewater or clean water for purposes such as wastewater transfer, water conveyance and irrigation. They are available in up to 132-inch-diameter vessels, with up to 55-foot installation depths. They are delivered as fully packaged units, ready for immediate installation. 540/380-5600;


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