MIEX Resin from Ixom is a solution to DBP compliance and can be monitored to reliably predict final disinfection byproducts. For a specific wastewater plant, correlate dissolved organic carbon to ultraviolet and graph multiple points to the corresponding byproducts (using simulated distribution conditions) so that the plant can use ultraviolet as an indirect indicator of byproduct compliance during seasonal variability. Each water sample is characterized and treated at variable rates to reduce the dissolved organic carbon. The target level is then evaluated for chlorine demand, and subjected to disinfection conditions. Disinfection with multiple chemicals (both free chlorine and chloramine) can be evaluated. Total oxidant demand is assessed and samples are incubated and analyzed for DBPs. Once detailed via report, a roadmap is provided for process control or modifications and process/equipment evaluations. 303/268-5243; www.miexresin.com.


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