Stay in Control of Your Pumps With Siemens Advanced Level Controllers

 When it comes to tank or well level measurement at a water or wastewater treatment plant, there are many ways to monitor liquid level and efficiently move the liquid from point to point by utilizing pump systems. A fully fledged level controller, however, is a preferred technology to accurately monitor level while also controlling the pumps needed to move enormous amounts of water.

A dual-purpose device

A variety of pump routines are available with the SITRANS LT500 HydroRanger advanced level controller from Siemens. The benefit of using these multifunctional instruments is that a single device can handle all of the level measurement and control — whether the pumps are operating in a wet well, lift station or distribution network. These controllers even have the ability to monitor the level of two assets independently (such as two wet wells or a wet well and a chemical tank), and are designed with one, three or six relays. If you are managing two wet wells with two pumps, a dual-point level controller with six relays can perform the same task for both and use the spare relays for additional tasks such as level alarms.

Additionally, in today’s data-driven world, instrument data collection can prove beneficial for improving processes and efficiencies. This type of data can be harnessed by advanced level controllers like the LT500 HydroRanger and logged, accessed or transmitted utilizing any available industrial communication protocol.

Siemens Process Instrumentation is a global market leader in measurement  systems with broad process industry and deep technology experience. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent level, pressure, temperature and flow measurement technologies suitable for water and wastewater applications.

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