Prevent Modern-Day Trash Buildup With Flomatic’s Model 4082 Ball Check Valve

Today’s increased use of nondegradable cleaning towels and sanitary products has become a serious challenge for the wastewater industry. Disposable wipes, for example, contain fabric and plastic resin material that can lead to blocked systems or form large masses of debris buildup which can eventually rupture plumbing systems down the road. 

However, Flomatic offers high-quality solutions specifically tailored to meet the harsh complexities of congested wastewater systems. Compact, economical and innovative, the simple mechanics of Flomatic’s ball check valves are ideal for submersible wastewater pump applications where slurries are present.

Reliable and self-cleaning

With a proven reputation and decades of experience, Flomatic ball check valves are known for their reliability and self-cleaning BUNA-A vulcanized metal ball that prevents modern trash from interfering with its functionality.

For tough hard-to-reach applications where toxic buildup is present, Flomatic recommends its AIS-compliant ball check valve Model 4082, available in epoxy-coated ductile iron or stainless steel body. An industry favorite, the Model 4082 features a clean-out port that permits access to the inside of the valve without removal from the pipeline. With only one moving part, these valves permit flow in one direction and protect pumping systems from reverse flow damage, deterring debris buildup and keeping water flowing while saving customers thousands.

“No matter how complex the application, Flomatic Valves is here to help you select the right valve for your next application,” says a company spokesperson.

Flomatic has been a leading manufacturer of valve products in the water and wastewater industry since 1933. The company is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality valves that are built to last. 



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