FKC Rotary Screen Thickeners Provide Reliable Predigestion Thickening

A common use for FKC rotary screen thickeners at wastewater treatment plants is for thickening sludge prior to digestion. Biological, primary or a blended sludge can be thickened efficiently, reducing the volume of sludge fed into a digester.

Outlet consistencies for biological sludge are typically 5%-7%, primary at 7%-10%, with blends at 6%-8%.

FKC unit features

FKC produces single- and double-drum units with flow capabilities from a few gallons per minute to more than 600 gpm. Units are made of stainless steel wetted parts with stainless steel screens. 

A unique feature of the FKC design is the drum drive and support system. The drums are supported and driven by full-length, poly-coated shafts with all bearings located outside the covers.

Drums are kept clean by a shower header with a brush-cleaning capability that allows use of effluent for the showers.

FKC Co. Ltd. custom designs and manufactures thickening and dewatering equipment used in a wide variety of industries, including wastewater treatment.



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