Landia AeriGator Chops Through Waste Buildup at Texas Lift Stations

Even with just 480 residential connections at one of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson’s most coveted neighborhoods in Texas, Llano County Municipal Utility District No. 1 was becoming weighed down with ongoing lift station maintenance issues and increasing odor concerns — until the introduction of a Landia AeriGator.

This chopper pump (with external chopping system and venturi nozzle), injects air into sewage lift stations to eliminate scum buildup. The combination of chopping and air injection successfully chews up rags and breaks down the mass of solids that triggers unwelcome labor hours in lift stations.

A welcome solution

The scum buildup in Llano County reached the point where workers had to spray under the pumps as they were lowered, tilting them to release air, according to operations manager Tim Webb.

“This was a challenge we could have done without,” he says. “Despite our constant efforts, we were fighting a losing battle, ultimately resulting in not being able to get to the pumps through such a thick blanket of scum. The whole thing was an unpleasant, tricky job having to reach out and inevitably get covered in sludge.”

The waste buildup hasn’t been a problem since they introduced the Landia AeriGator. “The waste buildup is no longer sitting in the lift stations, so we have a much fresher product with greatly reduced odors.”

Following the success of the 6.5 hp Landia AeriGator at the main lift station, the district introduced a 6.5 hp Landia EradiGator chopper pump to service the nearby Sandy Harbor lift station.

Landia supplies pumping and mixing solutions to many different industries, including wastewater, agriculture, biogas plants and the fish industry.

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