Advanced Aeration Technologies Provide Energy and Maintenance Savings

The Town of Monroeville, Alabama, faced aeration and mixing issues, sludge buildup in one of its wastewater lagoons, and power bills of $12,500 per month after a major employer relocated its garment manufacturing facility. 

The company had generated about 90% of the wastewater entering the lagoon, and its fees covered 90% of the operation and maintenance cost, which included $1,500 per month for aerator maintenance. The lagoon was 80% full of biosolids, and the estimated cost to dredge was over $1.6 million. The lagoon had to remain operational and the town needed to reduce costs.

The solution

DO2E installed two 5 hp high-volume floating aerators and two 3 hp floating mixers.

In four years of operation, the equipment saved the town over $513,000 in energy cost and $72,000 in maintenance, while reducing biosolids buildup by 90%.

DO2E Wastewater Treatment LLC is a leader in the wastewater market with cutting-edge, customer-driven green technology. Holding the client as the highest priority is the company’s everyday goal. Its team of advisors and workers bring together knowledge and expertise to build high-quality aeration equipment and to produce environmentally concentric technology that is sustainable for the world.

Today with over 7,000 units sold throughout North America and 17 countries, DO2E still has the same goal, which is 100% client satisfaction. With nearly 20 years of developing and adapting to the world’s ever-changing needs, DO2E continues to be on the cutting edge and offer innovative and technologically advanced wastewater treatment products to the market.

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