Product Spotlight - Wastewater: August 2023

Flow switches help keep pumps safe

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: August 2023

It’s proven that monitoring flow to prevent dry-run conditions extends the life of your pumps. In addition to the cost savings, you can avoid noncompliance with regulatory limits. Operators will be happy to not come to work in the middle of the night. And most importantly, you can protect the environment.

Thermal dispersion flow switches, like the FlexSwitch FLT93 series from FCI – Fluid Components International, can measure both a low flow and lack of flow. When flow reduces to a setpoint, it triggers an alarm. The operator can then check the system and reset the flow switch after determining the cause of the problem. If the line actually runs dry, a second alarm rings and the pump is immediately shut down.

“When a pump’s flow output begins to sag, it can signal an upstream clog or early warning of imminent pump failure, and further, pumps going dry can lead to serious and expensive repairs,” explains Randy Brown, FCI’s director of marketing. “By installing an FCI Model FLT93 in the pump’s exit pipe, users set its Alarm 1 to trip on a ‘low flow’ condition as an early warning and set Alarm 2 for ‘No Flow’ detection to shut down the pump. Other applications include anywhere too high or too low flow detection will ensure proper and/or safe process operation.”

Leveraged from FCI’s field-proven thermal dispersion experience, the sensor technology combined with FlexSwitch temperature compensation circuitry enables flow accuracy as precise as ± 2% of the setpoint velocity over a ± 50 degree F temperature range; with repeatability of ± 0.5% reading. It also enables level resolution of ± 0.1 inch, with repeatability of ± 0.05 inch, and standard temperature accuracy of ± 2.0 degrees F, with repeatability ± 1.0 degrees F. The switches are “precision temperature compensated” to ensure the accuracy of factory and field set alarms when installed in dynamic process applications. Accuracy combined with temperature compensation results in preventing false alarms or alarm failure, maximizing operator and process safety and having the option to set alarms within a narrow set point range.

“The water and wastewater treatment industry, both municipal and industrial, are a natural fit for FCI’s FLT93 flow and level switches,” says Brown. “It is available for installation in pipes as small as 1/4 inch, and is available with process connections of compression fittings, fixed NPT, flanged and packing glands.” 800-854-1993;


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