Product News - August 2023

Product News - August 2023

Evoqua’s wastewater aftermarket parts and services

Components and systems age at varying rates with some parts remaining useful while others are in imminent danger of failing. Often, the failure of vulnerable components can trigger larger failures and result in damages and/or compliance issues. Working with Evoqua’s dedicated team of technical experts can help your plant save time and budget. They will ensure efficient and reliable operation of your equipment and systems to maximize process uptime and equipment life at the lowest cost. We have an extensive inventory of parts and can provide service for primary and secondary clarifiers, clarifier drives, chain and scraper systems, diffused aeration, high-speed aerators and sludge digestion equipment. Evoqua is the original equipment manufacturer of Envirex, FMC, Aqua-Lator, Link-Belt, Passavant Mammoth Rotors, PFT and many other brands. Let us help maximize your plant’s performance and save you money. 262-547-0141;

OZ Lifting XR Series davit cranes 

OZ Lifting Products has launched its XR Series of davit cranes for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the model in 500 and 1,000 pound capacities, but the long reach of the range is a standout benefit for operators. Where other davit cranes typically have reduced capacity when it is in the longest reaching position, this series maintains its maximum capacity rating in all configurations. This means wastewater and water professionals can lift more weight, further out, which presents many benefits for numerous lifting and material handling applications. The smaller crane weighs only 57 pounds and the larger crane weighs 95 pounds. Both have a maximum 62-inch reach and maximum hook height of 87 inches. 800-749-1064;

NETZSCH TORNADO T1 Generation F rotary lobe pump

NETZSCH Pumps’ TORNADO T1 Generation F pump is designed to produce high flow at low to medium pressures in a small compact package. The pump can handle a wide range of viscosities, solids, temperature, abrasion and corrosive/acidic process fluids and environments. The TORNADO T1 is extremely versatile for just about any orientation and installation. Its robust design allows the pump to operate and handle many upset process conditions without causing harm to the pump. The pumps are available up to over 4,000 gpm and up to 130 psi. The front pullout design allows for easy access for maintenance and inspection. Opening the front cover allows access to the wear plates, lobes and seals, making this pump easy to service. Additionally, there is no need to access the timing gears or bearing as they are protected with the NETZSCH Gearbox Security System. 610-363-8010;

IDEC Corp. SA2E PE sensor family

IDEC Corp. introduces the SA2E general-purpose photoelectric sensor family, available in five major model variations. The SA2E sensors generally improve response times to 0.5 ms, compared with 1.0 ms for previous generation models, for better detection of smaller and faster moving objects. Sensors are switchable between light-on and dark-on operating modes, and applicable models have an onboard sensitivity or range adjustment potentiometer. A new ASIC, common to the entire offering, delivers better response times and more capable detection. SA2E PE sensors are offered in five major variations: through-beam, polarized retro-reflective, diffused-reflective, background suppression reflective, and small beam reflective. 800-262-4332;   


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