Product Focus: Conveyance and Distribution Systems

Product Focus: Conveyance and Distribution Systems

ZZ Series blowers from Eurus Blower.

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ZZ Series blowers from Eurus Blower are drop-in replacements for competitor blowers. They have heavy-duty cast housings, machined impellers, alloy steel shafts with oversized bearings, hardened/precision machined steel forged gears, oil-lubricated gear and/or grease- or oil-lubricated drive sides, plus keyless locking assemblies for easier timing gear maintenance. The blowers provide up to 15 psig pressure and 2,350 cfm flow. 918-361-0285;


Low-maintenance blower technology can help minimize power costs with load splitting, sequencing and superior multi-blower controls. KAESER rotary screw blowers are turnkey systems, available in sizes up to 335 hp and flows to 5,650 cfm, using up to 35% less energy than conventional rotary blowers, while energy savings of up to 15% can be achieved in comparison with turbo blowers. All blowers come complete with noise-insulated cabinets, inlet and outlet silencers, motors and drives. The intelligent Sigma Control 2 on each blower optimizes machine performance via various control modes, and a full suite of sensors provides active condition monitoring to protect the machine. The combination of a blower air-end with high-efficiency SIGMA Profile rotors, flow-optimized components, efficient power transmission and drive components, ensures wire-to-air performance year after year. 866-516-6888; 



AGRU America offers pipes and fittings made from polyethylene 100/4710 for durability and corrosion/abrasion resistance used in many municipal and industrial applications. Products include large-diameter pipe, HDPE pipe fittings, Mine-Line pipes, electrofusion fittings and equipment, ball valves, metric solutions and semi-finished products. Product benefits include long-term service life and reduced operational costs, superior flow and weight characteristics, manufacturing in both butt fusion and electrofusion fittings, and proven performance in gas, water, industrial and municipal applications. 800-373-2478,

Motor and Pump Controls


Pulsafeeder’s XAE Stroke Length Controller provides fast and accurate response when there are changes to chemical dosing demands of diaphragm metering pumps. With microprocessor-based digital logical and a brushless stepper motor, pump chemical delivery response is nearly instantaneous. Onboard push-button self-calibration means that startup and commissioning is finished in a matter of minutes. It is fault-tolerant and self-correcting after power loss or system fault, with settings automatically maintained and monitored even without power. A full array of dry contacts and 4-20mA inputs/outputs allows it to communicate and integrate seamlessly with system controls to monitor pump ready-to-run or fault conditions status and shut down in the event of system alarm or diaphragm failure. Fast operation and service means operators can spend less time troubleshooting pumps and more time monitoring system efficiency and know the status of key aspects of pump performance and health easily and remotely. 585-292-8000; 



Asahi/America offers HDPE manifolds that can be prefabricated to maximize quality control, system accuracy and speed-of-installation. From water distribution to chemical dosing, custom HDPE manifolds have been installed as an alternative to stainless steel or PVC, given the robust material benefits HDPE can provide. HDPE material costs, including pipe and molded fittings, are less expensive than stainless steel, lightweight and corrosion resistant. HDPE is thermally fused providing leak-free joints that are as strong or stronger than the pipe itself. In addition, HDPE is NSF-61 certified, making it safe for potable drinking water applications and resistant to microbial contamination. HDPE offers similar or better chemical compatibility to stainless steel or PVC. Ideal applications include water filtration, water distribution, wastewater treatment, waste treatment, potable water, and chemical dosing. Asahi/America offers main pipe sizes 4 to 12 inches and outlets 1 to 4 inches IPS. Custom sizing is also available. 800-343-3618;



Heavy-duty effluent pumps from Ashland Pump are available in multiple horsepower sizes for various performance requirements, and feature efficient permanent split capacitor motors. The oil filled pumps have an upper and lower ball bearing design and handle solids up to 3/4-inch. They are made of heavy-duty cast iron, with cast iron impellers and equipped with a piggyback switch (20-foot standard cord) or in manual configurations. They are offered in 3/10, 4/10, ½, ¾, 1 and 1 1/2 HP models. Ashland Pump is located in Ashland, Ohio and manufactures a complete line of pump products for the residential wholesale market. 855-281-6830; 


The low-shearing pumping action of FLEXFLO M4 peristaltic dosing pump from Blue-White Industries allows it to gently and precisely pump chemicals that off-gas, including peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite, with no vapor lock and no lost prime. Advanced features include a highly responsive and intuitive 5-inch display, firmware that can be field updated, and easy-to-attach M12 watertight connectors. 714-893-8529;


Boerger BLUEline rotary lobe pumps are a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump used for conveying viscous and abrasive materials. They are resistant to wear and provide pulsation-free operation. Operation is fully reversible, with dry run capability and flow rates up to 7,000 gpm. They are constructed with maintenance-in-place design, allowing for all wetted parts to be easily replaced through the front cover without removing pipe or drive systems. The pump conveys biosolids (primary, waste activated sludge, return activated sludge, digested, thickened, etc.), grease, sewage, scum, lime slurry, alum sludge, permeate and polymers. 612-435-7300;


The 2 hp Barnes RAZOR grinder pump from Crane Pumps & Systems is suitable for light commercial and residential solids-handling applications. It is designed with axial cutting technology to reduce solids like flushable wipes, diapers and other nonbiodegradable items. Maintenance is convenient with only a single tool needed for disassembly. The plug-and-play cord also provides easy servicing without requiring removal of epoxy in the conduit. Its 1.25-inch discharge is suitable for preconfigured packaged systems and turnkey solutions. It is available in the Barnes EcoTRAN Pressure Sewer System for grinding in tough terrain. It provides a practical and environmentally safe alternative to traditional gravity systems. Numerous configuration options are available. 937-778-8947;


Super T Series self-priming centrifugal trash pumps from Gorman-Rupp are available with Eradicator Plus solids-reduction technology for 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. The product was designed for extreme-duty applications in municipal, industrial and agricultural markets. For liquids containing trash bags, wipes, mop heads, hair, industrial byproducts and agricultural wastes, it cuts and tears organic solids entering the pump. Pumps include an easily removable lightweight inspection cover, a back cover plate incorporating an obstruction-free flow path, a heavy-duty hard iron continuous vane impeller with thick back shroud to prevent debris buildup, an extra-thick hard iron wear plate with notches, grooves and oversized lacerating teeth to cut and shred organic solids, and an upgraded stainless steel, load-bearing shaft. Complete units are available in cast iron construction. Upgrade kits are available for pumps currently in use. 419-755-1011;


As energy costs continue to rise, Graco’s QUANTM electric double diaphragm pump offers a solution that can help manufacturers save up to 80% on energy costs while maintaining optimal performance. The pump eliminates the need for compressed air, and with no gearbox it offers a quieter, more cost-effective and energy-efficient option in the same compact size of pneumatic pumps. It is designed to be easy to operate and maintain; with built-in controls for flow and pressure at the pump and the same fluid contact components as an AODD. It offers all the same benefits of air-operated pumps; including self-priming, stalling and a seal-less design with smooth, steady flow. 866-348-3188; 


Industrial Flow Solutions’ OverWatch pump system lifts influent at the point of entry, eliminating the wet well. Effluent is contained, eliminating odors and reducing maintenance. The stainless steel body is designed to withstand the effects of corrosion from harsh materials and solutions, making OverWatch an ideal solution for the municipal, industrial and commercial industries. In addition, the system has HMI touchscreen controls to further simplify operations. 860-631-3618; 


FRAM pumps from JAECO Fluid Systems are hydraulically actuated and designed for accurate, completely leakproof metering of difficult-to-handle liquids. The durable cast iron pumps are available in simplex or duplex with capacities ranging from 0.86 to 56 gph at operating pressures up to 1,200 psi. Liquid end options include 316 stainless steel, PVC or Alloy 20 and include single- or double-ball or poppet spring-loaded check valves. The pumps are customized to each customer’s specific needs and are designed for continuous use with minimal downtime. 877-778-3456; 


Pioneer Pump, a brand of Franklin Electric, offers a comprehensive range of diesel-driven pump packages including options for fixed and portable installations. These packages are built for tough environments and are available with vacuum-assisted priming, self-priming and standard centrifugal pump ends. Available in sizes up to 18 inches, the centrifugal pumps are designed to provide better flow, higher head and greater efficiency to meet unique challenges. Sound-attenuated enclosures are available for select models. Enclosures are manufactured from heavy-duty sound-deadening material to meet industry standards for noise reduction. All enclosures offer lockable door panels that can be removed in minutes without tools for easy and direct access to the pump. 503-266-4115;


The Polylok PL-CPE4A is a submersible, 4/10 hp, 115-volt, single-phase effluent pump with a 2-inch NPT vertical discharge. It has a maximum head of 38 feet and a maximum flow of 56 gpm. The pump is designed with a 3,450 rpm oil-filled permanent split-capacitor motor and has an amp rating of 6.6 for 115 volts, a rugged cast iron housing and volute equipped with a cast iron vortex impeller capable of passing 3/4-inch-diameter solids. The stainless steel shaft is supported by two single-row, oil-lubricated ball bearings. The shaft seal is an inboard design with a secondary Exclusion V seal. It has a 20-foot UL/CSA-listed power cable suitable for submersible service and fitted with a three-prong plug. The unit is supplied with an integrated clip for the included piggyback mechanical float switch and used for automatic operation. 888-765-9565;


The Sanicubic 2 VX lift station from Saniflo provides above-floor drainage for multiple plumbing fixtures for a commercial structure, eliminating the need for costlier and less convenient pit installations. It is an ideal solution for projects where conventional, below-floor drainage is impossible or too costly to install. Equipped with two 1.5 hp motors, the lift station is capable of discharging effluent through either 2- or 4-inch rigid pipe and offers a shut-off head of 43 feet. It employs an internal air pressure switch for automatically cycling the unit on and off. The unit also comes equipped with a wired control panel, as well as an external audible and visual LED indicator alarm in the event that a pump experiences overload or ceases to operate. Featuring easily removable circular panels on top, the IP68 enclosure permits ready access to every major component inside. 800-363-5874;


Smith & Loveless EVERLAST Pump Stations offer higher ease of operation and maintenance, higher level of operator safety, longer lasting service life, pump technology that eliminates clogging from flushables and lower life cycle costs than conventional pump stations. All pumping, mechanical and electrical components are above the wet well with immediate access at ground level. This means that the STAR ONE Non-Clog Pumps reside at ground level out of the sewage and always dry. Likewise, all the valves, piping and controls reside also above the wet well, meaning that inspection of the entire pump station can be accomplished in seconds by simply opening the hooded enclosure. 800-898-9122; 


Thompson Pump and Manufacturing’s 4JSC series pumps provide a method for backing up wastewater lift stations. These high-efficiency, solids-handling bypass pumps are customized to provide automatic bypass pumping during any emergency event. They can be permanently installed at municipal lift stations, in lieu of a diesel generator, to provide 100% redundancy to the primary, electric-powered pumps. With a wide range of flow and pressure capabilities, it can be a solution for lift stations that experience inflow and infiltration or need maintenance. These pumps incorporate the Enviroprime System, allowing them to prime automatically from a dry state and do so by evacuating only air from the suction piping. This priming system prevents any wastewater from exiting the pump while operating. In addition, it will operate intermittently, allowing the pump to start only when needed, resulting in lower fuel consumption, less onsite fuel storage required, and reduced operating costs. 800-767-7310;


Self-priming Chopper Pumps from Vaughan are designed to be easily accessed outside of the wet well while pumping waste solids at heavy consistencies, without plugging or dewatering of the solids. They eliminate the loss in production and mess, along with making it easy to service the pump to get it back in operation. 888-249-2467; 



Flowserve’s Worcester 51/52 Series reduced-port flanged ball valves have been reengineered by standardizing design, materials, construction and product certifications. Target applications for the quarter-turn, floating ball valves include controlling the flow of liquids or gasses in the following industries: chemical processing, petrochemicals, energy, defense, food and beverage, industrial gasses, pharmaceuticals and water. The bubble-tight shut-off design and robust, live-loading packing in the valves minimize fugitive emissions, enhance safety and maximize regulatory and standards compliance. Featuring a redesigned end plug, the valves ensure positive retention and greatly reduce blowout risk. 972-443-6500;    


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