Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Mobile disinfection units designed for industrial and municipal applications

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Mobile disinfection units designed for industrial and municipal applications

Mobile water disinfection platforms have long been utilized in the oil and gas sector. Now De Nora Water Technologies has identified a need for such technology in the industrial and municipal wastewater treatment markets, especially during natural disasters or large-scale treatment plant maintenance and upgrade projects.

“To my knowledge, other water disinfection units are designed as short-term pilot units and are focused on the municipal market, less on the industrial side,” says Bob Newton, director, Business Development Global for De Nora. “What sets our mobile assets apart is the flexibility to be deployed quickly for short- or long-term needs, either filling a gap while more permanent disinfection systems are shut down for upgrading, maintenance or stationed more permanently with flexible service-based rental agreements.”

De Nora mobile units are compact, plug-and-play, and don’t require construction, saving users two critical resources — time and money, according to Newton. They can make a difference in ensuring plants stay online and in compliance. De Nora’s fleet of mobile units employ a variety of the company’s core water treatment technologies, including ClorTec units that provide sodium hypochlorite generation capabilities and MIOX units that produce chemistry with unique advantages over straight sodium hypochlorite. Also available are Capital Controls Ozone trailers, the MIOX BOSS trailer that produces bromine for cooling water applications, and a UV-based Advanced Oxidation trailer for piloting purposes.

“While our mobile assets are new to this market, we’ve been developing mobile platforms for our technology for over a decade in the oil and gas market,” says Newton. “Our experience in deploying our technology into the unforgiving oilfield environment has resulted in substantial improvements in fundamental design of mobile platforms to make these systems some of the most reliable and easy to deploy units on the market today.”

According to Newton, both ClorTec and MIOX assets have been used for “frac on the fly” in oil and natural gas fracking operations where mobility was key and have also been utilized in produced water recycling operations where long-term deployment and reliable operations are critical.

“Safety, timing and economic advantages are relevant to the industrial and municipal markets, so transferring the technology — and value to customers — just made sense,” he says. “Finally, saving time has been critical for our customers. When a situation arises that can’t wait 26 weeks for a new system installation, we can be there fast, keeping your team safe and in compliance.” 215-997-4000;


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