Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Air-filled pump motor designed to create premium efficiency

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Air-filled pump motor designed to create premium efficiency

The fear of dry running a submersible pump is not an issue with Crane Pumps & Systems Envie3 air-filled pump motors. 

Elizabeth Weiler, senior multimedia graphic designer for Crane, says the company saw a rising demand for an efficient submersible pump that could attain IE3 motor ratings, which is an international standard indicating the product meets premium efficiency. 

“Envie3 pumps took Barnes’ and Deming’s proven nonclog and chopper wet ends and outfitted it with a premium, efficient IE3 motor,” Weiler says.

The new series provide lower energy cost in a platform that can be run in wet applications and in dry pits. “These pumps can be used in collections systems, treatment plants, stormwater systems, agricultural waste streams, among others,” Weiler says. “Because these pumps can operate both submerged and unsubmerged, horizontal or vertical, and are available in nonclog and chopper configurations, the applications for them are almost endless.”

Designing the product started with customer contact and listening to what they like and dislike, what works well for them, and what they look for in a submersible pump. After that, it went to the drawing boards, followed by prototype building and testing before eventually launching the final product.

“We do performance testing on site,” Weiler says. “This consists of laboratory testing and field prototype testing to introduce the pumps into real applications to find failures before launch.”

The product of that research and testing is a flood proof design and integrated cooling system to run the motor cooler, resulting in longer motor life. It is built with a stainless steel outer shell, carrying handle and hardware. The rest of the pump body is finished with Resicoat R4 powder coating and each unit comes standard with a plug and play quick connect cord.

Envie3 pumps are explosion proof, use a tapered keyed shaft and commercially available high-capacity sealed bearings and mechanical seals for easy maintenance. 

“The design of Envie3 pumps enables lower continuous minimum submergence where the water can be pumped down to the top of the volute that helps prevent debris buildup and keeps the lift station cleaner reducing vacuum truck visits,” Weiler says. “So far, our feedback has been positive. Customers like the easy installation and the chopper option that solves tough clogging problems.” 937-778-8947;


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