Product News - April 2023

Product News - April 2023

RPS Composites grooved adapter

RPS Composites’ newly engineered RPS grooved adapter is designed to be used in conjunction with RPS FRP piping systems and a Victaulic Style 296-A coupling to create a robust, reliable FRP piping joint. The FRP adapters comply with the requirements of ASME NM.2-2020. The adapters were also tested in a pipe bending test to demonstrate a factor of safety of no less than 6 in bending with a coincident pressure of 150 psi. Designed for both the corrosion resistant P-150 piping system as well as the corrosion and abrasion resistant A-150 piping system, the joint will maintain the rating of the piping systems (150 psi at 180 degrees F). The adapter is designed for mildly corrosive environments including water, seawater, wastewater, and some FGD services, up to 180 degrees F and 150 psi, and is available in 2- to 12-inch diameters. 800-343-9355;

OZ Lifting XR Series davit cranes 

OZ Lifting Products has launched its XR Series of davit cranes for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the model in 500- and 1,000-pound capacities, but the long reach of the range is a standout benefit for operators. Where other davit cranes typically have reduced capacity when it is in the longest reaching position, this series maintains its maximum capacity rating in all configurations. This means wastewater and water professionals can lift more weight, further out, which presents many benefits for numerous lifting and material handling applications. The smaller crane weighs only 57 pounds and the larger crane weighs 95 pounds. Both have a maximum 62-inch reach and maximum hook height of 87 inches. 800-749-1064;

Asahi/America T-342 diaphragm valves

Asahi/America now offers T-342 diaphragm valves with optional sanitary adapter end connectors. The T-342 diaphragm valve with sanitary end connectors is now available in Purad PVDF, PolyPure PPn and PP-Pure PP materials from 1/2- to 2-inch sizes. The sanitary end connections for the valve are added using beadless welding, which leaves no weld bead or crevice for bacteria buildup. The T-342 is fabricated, cleaned and then double bagged in the company’s class 1000 cleanroom to ensure a particle-free product arrives at the job site. The valves are an ideal choice in a high-purity water system, such as RO/DI applications and UPW lines, as the valve design eliminates entrapment areas for bacteria to grow. 800-343-3618;

Graco QUANTM double diaphragm pump

Graco’s next generation electric-operated double diaphragm pump, QUANTM, features a new motor design that is up to eight times more efficient than a standard pneumatic pump. The pump is suitable for nearly any fluid transfer application and offers a wide range of materials of construction to support multiple industrial and hygienic applications, including chemical processing, water treatment, paint manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more. It is built for harsh industrial or hygienic environments, yet its efficient design is lightweight and easy to maintain. With built-in controls and no gearbox, the pump also fits seamlessly into most fluid transfer applications. 612-623-6000;

Cortec Boiler Lizard rust inhibitor

An effective and easy-to-apply boiler rust inhibitor, Cortec’s Boiler Lizard protects costly assets from corrosion, avoiding short-term problems like leakage and clogging, and helping to extend boiler service life. While the Boiler Lizard is an exceptional tool for dry layup of mid-sized boilers, it does not always make sense to cut it in pieces to fit small boilers or, conversely, to add 50 Boiler Lizards into a giant boiler. In order to fit boilers of all sizes, Cortec has expanded its selection of boiler layup options to create inhibitor tools that offer the same effective protection technology in a format that makes sense for each boiler size. Boilers under 100 gallons are great candidates for the Boiler Gecko; boilers of 1,000 to 10,000 gallons are ideal candidates for dry layup of boiler watersides with the Boiler Lizard; and boilers of over 10,000 gallons are the best candidates for dry layup with the Boiler Dragon. Cortec also offers options for boilers that require wet layup, wet layup on standby, or the flexibility of wet-dry layup options. 651-429-1100;

Lhoist SLS45 hydrated lime slurry

Lhoist’s SLS45 hydrated lime slurry is a calcium-based alkali that offers the best features of lime and caustic soda: it is nonhazardous, easier to work with, price stable and reacts quickly. SLS45 works for both drinking and wastewater plants and can be used for pH adjustment, water softening, precipitation of heavy metals, odor control and/or sludge treatment. 281-415-8696;

Tnemec Series 975 Aerolon coating

Tnemec launched its Series 975 Aerolon, a further advancement of the company’s insulative coating technology. Series 975 builds on the legacy of Series 971 in the Aerolon brand by delivering multiple benefits as a fluid-applied insulation coating system. Unlike Series 971, which is based on aerogel particles, Series 975 contains an advanced porous material for low thermal conductivity. Series 975 provides long-term insulation and corrosion protection. Other features and benefits of Series 975 Aerolon include high hydrophobicity, excellent heat and mechanical stability, low VOCs, low odor and noncombustibility. 800-863-6321;

Torrey Pines Scientific’s EchoTherm stirring hot plate

Torrey Pines Scientific’s EchoTherm programmable digital stirring hot plate is designed for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, biochemical, and other laboratories where reproducible, accurate chemical reaction control and sample preparation are a must. With the easy-to-use EchoTherm Model HS40, programming is done through the front panel membrane switch and full-functioned custom liquid crystal display. The unit can store 10 programs in memory of as many as 10 steps each where each step is a temperature, temperature ramp rate, stirring speed and time. Each program can be made to repeat itself automatically from 1 to 98 times or infinitely if wanted. All programs are stored electronically. 866-573-9104;

Stenner Pump S50 model for the S Series

With the addition of the S50 model to the S Series, Stenner Pump has expanded the available flow rate outputs up to 315 gpd at 25 psi and 125 gpd at 100 psi maximum. The pump can interface with process control systems, has a NEMA 4X enclosed housing and multiple modes of operation such as 4-20mA with scalability. There are status indicators such as pump run confirmation and leak detection. Leak detection also has a display alarm on the control panel. The backup pump capability allows transfer of operation from the primary to a secondary pump in standby. There are three programmable output relays for indication to a pump, system or other device. The control panel offers choices in the units displayed such as oz/min or ml/min. 800-683-2378;   


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