Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Digital control allows system to operate at peak efficiency

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Digital control allows system to operate at peak efficiency

Anue Water Technologies’ FORSe Oxygen/Ozone systems serve as an eco-friendly approach to mitigate hydrogen sulfide-related odors and corrosion in wastewater collection systems like force mains and lift stations, while replacing costly chemicals such as calcium nitrate. The systems are regulated by Flo Spec Control Software — a fully SCADA-compliant program that allows for bidirectional monitoring and control of each system with access to Wi-Fi.

According to Greg Bock, vice president and general manager at Anue Water Technologies, the efficiency of immediate data access and system control has allowed municipalities and industrial wastewater treatment plants to reduce costs. Its design allows standalone remote system monitoring, as well as SCADA interface as a standard product offering.

“Basically FloSpec is the on-board digital control system which enables the FORSe Oxygen/Ozone system to work efficiently,” he says. “It is an Allen-Bradley-based PLC with unique control algorithms for safe and efficient utilization of pure oxygen infusion.”

Programming options include specific alarm alerts that can be sent to any computer or smartphone to identify and correct problems quickly. In many cases the Anue standalone capabilities have provided customers with critical information regarding remote locations before their operations staff would normally find the problem. According to Bock, FloSpec Digital Communication systems not only send alerts but also allow the end user to respond to these alerts and act accordingly remotely. This technology is applicable to other industries like power generation and landfills where odor and corrosion mitigation is required.

“Anue has designed these systems with a tremendous amount of flexibility and capabilities,” he says. “These systems can be configured to meet the customer needs such as additional FOG control, external grinder pump control, external data acquisition and integrating into their SCADA network.”

All products are manufactured in the USA for domestic and international markets — with engineering considerations for site specific installation requirements. Bock says that feedback on the telemetry upgrade to the FORSe system has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The flexibility of these systems is the game changer,” he says. “Our clients are very pleased by the savings both in economics and manpower from replacing their chemical purchases with our oxygen/ozone technology and user-friendly approach. With the rising cost of chemicals (up 150% this year) and demands for more eco-friendly solutions, FORSe Oxygen/Ozone systems are the perfect fit for the industry.” 760-727-2683;


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