Case Studies: Pumps and Blowers

Case Studies: Pumps and Blowers

Direct in-line pump system chosen to solve frequent maintenance and confined space problems 

Problem: A wastewater treatment plant in the village of Sherman, New York, needed to replace a pair of centrifugal pumps, which tended to clog from rags and FOG, resulting in downtime. Bar screens required weekly cleaning, and a vacuum truck cleaned the wet well every two to three months. Confined-space entry of the wet well was a safety concern.

Solution: The town selected an OverWatch Direct In-Line Pump system from Industrial Flow Solutions, designed with a DIPCUT impeller that enables self-cleaning operation. When solid objects impede the impeller, variable-frequency drives sense a higher torque and reverse the pump’s direction. The hinged vanes fold flat, exposing cutting knives that shred mop rags and other fibrous material.

Result: The system was delivered ready to install, and in 11.5 hours. The wet well was transformed into a dry pit, creating conditions for maintenance. Clog-free operation eliminated the need for vacuum trucks and weekly bar screen cleaning. Maintenance has been reduced from 26 hours per year to 20 minutes in four years. 860-631-3618;   


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