Product News: January 2023

Product News: January 2023

OZ Lifting Aluma-Lite davit cranes

OZ Lifting Products announces the new Aluma-Lite davit crane for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the ultra-portable davit crane in 500- and 1,000-pound capacities, each available with three bases: pedestal, socket (flush-mount) or wall-mount. The Aluma-Lite 500 weighs in at 24 pounds with a maximum capacity of 500 pounds and the Aluma-Lite 1,000 weighs in at 47 pounds with a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds. Both fold flat for easy storage or transportation, and are made of aerospace/military grade aluminum. The cranes are available with a manual winch (including drill drive adapter), AC or DC electric winches. The Aluma-Lites have a durable, powder-coated finish, no tools are needed for assembly/disassembly, and they are made in the U.S.A.


Flowserve FLEX isobaric energy recovery device

Flowserve’s FLEX isobaric energy recovery device is a next-generation compact pressure exchanger for reverse osmosis plants. The FLEX pressure exchanger is designed to be one of the most efficient and compact energy recovery devices on the market. With its compact design, the FLEX pressure exchanger is able to recover more than 98% of hydraulic energy and can substantially reduce the cost of desalination by lowering operating and capital costs. Its simple design has only four major internal components and is enabled for remote monitoring through Flowserve’s RedRaven IoT platform.


Renewable Lubricants Bio-E.P. gear oils

Renewable Lubricants’ biodegradable Bio-E.P. gear oils are ideal lubricating spur, helical, bevel and worm gears subject to heavy loading or shock loading in heavy-duty applications. The environmentally friendly formulations meet or exceed the U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 9005-E02, DIN 51517 Part 3, ISO 12925-1 CKD, David Brown DB S1.53.101 and Cincinnati Machine performance requirements. Formulated from renewable agricultural bio-based resources, the gear oils are nontoxic, zinc-free formulations that contain no heavy metals. Bio-E.P. gear oils are an economical choice where leakage or contaminations are more prominent or on equipment with more frequent oil change intervals.


Grundfos Utility Connect monitoring solution

Grundfos’ Utility Connect is a new web-based remote monitoring solution for pump stations. An alternative to SCADA systems, Utility Connect is a real-time monitoring SaaS solution that allows operators to check station performance from anywhere and anytime and receive alerts via text or email when issues occur. They can use live and historical information to make data-backed decisions about maintenance of the station. Utility Connect offers simple-to-read graphic displays and no special computer hardware is needed. It is scalable to any size system and is applicable to any pump system.

Fluid Components International Model FLT93 flow switch

The Model FLT93 flow switch from Fluid Components International is ideal for wastewater treatment digester gas applications. With its no-moving parts design, there are no orifices to clog in dirty digester gas environments. The switch is SIL-2 rated for installation in safety-rated applications, and have been used globally in CH4 flaring, combined heat and power, and safety valve relief applications in numerous industries. The switch is available in a variety of process connections for ease of installation in most any pipe, vent or duct size. Its universal power supply supports powering by 115 volt AC, 230 volt AC, or 24 volt DC. Its trip-point/alarm points are easily user set in the field, and it comes standard with fail-safe, heavy-duty dual alarm SPDT or DPDT relay outputs, rated 6 amps at 115 volt AC, 240 volt AC or 24 volt SC.


Industrial Test Systems Ascel Arsenic field test kit

Industrial Test Systems analytical field test kit, the Ascel Arsenic, was developed with considerations for safety, accuracy, ease-of-use and speed. All reagents are in powder form and have been weighed and carefully selected to minimize the hazards and inconveniences associated with conventional arsenic testing. Ascel has a detection range of 0 to 1,000 ppb. The kit yields accurate results in seven minutes. The easy-to-follow test procedure requires only two reagents that are clearly labeled to simplify testing. A matching color chart is included with extra large color blocks for quick and accurate color matching, and the test kit can also accommodate different water temperatures.


Electro-Chemical Devices TC80 chlorine analyzer

With its reagent-less amperometric sensor design, the TC80 total chlorine analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices eliminates consumables, simplifies installation and reduces maintenance to lower the total cost of instrument ownership. The analyzer is a panel mounted, ready-to-use instrument that’s compliant with the U.S. EPA Method 334.0. It has a precision three-electrode amperometric sensor, which measures all chlorine species in the water, combined chlorine and free chlorine. It is available in either a standard high-range configuration measuring Cl2 from 0.05 to 20 ppm, or a standard low-range configuration of 0.005 to 2.000 ppm. The analyzer comes factory precalibrated to the chosen measurement range before shipment.


Kaman Precision Products Air Gap Tool

Kaman Precision Products’ new Air Gap Tool offers simple, accurate measuring and data storage for hydroelectric turbines and more. The tool is designed specifically for static alignment of rotor/stator in large-scale hydrogenerators. It is an ideal tool for measuring air gaps in the field and can be used for initial installation and during reassembly after maintenance procedures. The Air Gap Tool can measure and store data with the tap of a finger, so no power cords, pens or paper are needed. The tool can be easily positioned at predetermined locations between the stator core and rotor poles. Air gap distance is accurately measured and transmitted wirelessly to handheld Android or iPhone devices using the included app. Users can set limits for intuitive visual feedback while working.


Russelectric Emergency Power Systems

Russelectric, a Siemens business, offers its reliable Emergency Power System which provides backup power during a utility power loss. The paralleling switchgear systems offer redundant programmable logic controller controls and manual backup capability. All of the systems are custom-designed, UL-listed and can incorporate such sophisticated control functions as peak shaving and load curtailment. The paralleling systems incorporate dual, redundant, hot synchronized PLCs for system control. The system design allows manual start and synchronization of generator sets if automatic controls malfunction. Discrete switches, meters and control devices are standard to allow manual control capability in the event that both system PLCs fail. A 23-inch LCD HMI touchscreen display enables operators to view system one-line diagrams, alarms and setpoints.



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