Product News - November 2022

Product News - November 2022

OZ Lifting Products Tele-Pro davit crane

OZ Lifting Products’ patented Tele-Pro davit crane features an industry-first telescoping boom adjustment that can be moved in and out while under load. A ratchet screw jack allows the user to adjust the boom from horizontal to 45 degrees while under load and the 360-degree rotation of the crane allows a full range of motion. Smart latch technology at the boom/mast means no tools are required for assembly. A zinc-plated finish provides added corrosion protection. The Tele-Pro is available in 500-, 1,200- and 2,500-pound capacities. AC and DC electric winches are optional on the 500- and 1,200-pound models, or manual winch with drill drive adapter is available for all three models. The cranes are made in the U.S. and each one is individually tested and certified at 125%. 800-749-1064;

Sensorex TCSP series conductivity sensors

Sensorex’s new TCSP series toroidal conductivity sensors have been designed for use with harsh chemicals or corrosive elements. With a measurement range up to 2,000 mS, it is a versatile sensor with applications across a broad range of applications that would damage typical contacting conductivity sensors. The body is made of chemically resistant polyether ether ketone for use in aggressive chemical solutions and temperatures up to 266 degrees F and pressure up to 295 psig. A built-in 1000 ohm Pt RTD provides output for automatic temperature compensation ensuring accuracy even when sample condition varies. All Sensorex TCSP probes are supplied with a nine-conductor cable with tinned ends for easy connection to controller, transmitters and other devices. Available standard with 10 foot or 20 foot cables; custom lengths available on request. 714-895-4344;

QED AP4 Ultra auto pump system

QED Environmental Systems’ AP4 Ultra high-temperature auto pump system is designed for landfill and groundwater remediation pumping. With the ability to withstand liquid temperatures of up to 250 degrees F, the pump delivers durable and low-maintenance pumping performance in landfill leachate, condensation risers and groundwater wells. The AP4 Ultra features proprietary non-stick finishes to reduce the potential for solids buildup. Parts for the QED Ultra are made from 316 grade stainless steel and engineered polymers which make the pump highly resistant to harsh leachates, free-phase and dissolved fuels, BTEX and MTBE. Its design helps create an extended pump life that reduces the need for regular replacement. The high-temperature pump tubing sets carry the same UV protection as QED’s tubing, providing chemical resistance to most compounds and corrosive fluids. 734-995-2547;

Thermo-Tech auger heating system

Thermo-Tech’s custom designed auger heating system prevents freezing issues associated with sludge augers exposed to outside subfreezing temperatures. The weathertight systems are fabricated from grade 304 stainless steel and feature 120-, 240- or 480-volt input. Options include a washdown design and an adjustable temperature output. The system not only eliminates freezing, but it is also able to dry the sludge, preventing it from freezing as it exits the auger into the discharge pipe. The system is cost-effective, saving on labor expenses and eliminating makeshift solutions or expensive enclosures that are commonly used to deal with auger freezing issues. 304-788-1400;

Val-Matic Ener-G ball valves

Val-Matic’s Ener-G ball valve offers equal percentage flow characteristics, rugged AWWA construction and negligible headloss. When fully open, the Ener-G provides 100% flow area equal to the pipe size and contributes to savings in pumping costs. The valve’s design and performance have been verified through proof of design and independent flow testing. The valve is available with cylinder, electric motor or manual actuation. 630-941-7600;    


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