Product Spotlights - Water: Satellite-based system monitors operating conditions at remote sites

Product Spotlights - Water: Satellite-based system monitors operating conditions at remote sites

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Many water and wastewater facilities are located in remote areas that lack cellular, internet and phone service. While the ability to automize facets of the treatment process makes the job more convenient for facility managers, monitoring those processes is essential. That’s why Sensaphone offers the SAT4D satellite-based monitoring system.

The SAT4D system is a convenient, powerful monitoring solution suitable for even the most remote locations with no telephone or network connections, according to Rob Fusco, Director of Business Development with Sensaphone. Using satellite technology, it provides virtually unlimited coverage throughout the U.S. and many other countries without relying on telephone lines, Ethernet connections, or cellular networks. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 degrees F without any effect on battery life. Website access allows users to access status information and make programming changes.

“The product will work nearly anywhere in the world,” says Fusco. “Because it runs on batteries and doesn’t require any outside power, its available to work in almost any environment no matter how desolate or remote. It can provide peace of mind that your applications are functioning properly, saving personnel from wellness visits that cost both time and money.”

The system monitors up to four critical conditions 24/7, including tank floats, turbidity, pump status, security, power failure and equipment malfunction, at locations such as pump houses and wells. When a sensor falls out of the preset range, the system notifies personnel via phone call, email or text message. This early warning of a possible problem helps to protect valuable assets and prevent costly downtime. Operators can access status information and make programming changes via Sensaphone’s dedicated website.   

“It can be wired to an existing PLC or controller and programmed to immediately send alerts on the controller’s alarm,” says Fusco. “You can give each zone a unique name so that you’ll receive that information with the alarm to identify what is wrong. Users can then program and check the status by logging into the device’s website.”

The SAT4D system is self-powered and can operate for over three years on its replaceable battery. Each unit is sealed in a weatherproof, locking NEMA-4X enclosure to protect it from harsh conditions or vandalism. GPS technology pinpoints the location of the monitored equipment.

“This fills a void in our product line and customer requests for monitoring their most remote, previously unmonitored infrastructure,” says Fusco. 



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