Product Spotlights - Wastewater: Accurate device designed for single-parameter analysis

Product Spotlights - Wastewater: Accurate device designed for single-parameter analysis

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Analysis of water and wastewater sample is highly technical. Therefore, the tools used to interpret those samples are complicated, and for the sake of public safety, required to be extremely accurate. While there are many analysis tools which measure multiple sample parameters, sometimes only one parameter needs to be tested for at a particular site. That’s where In-Situ’s ChemScan Mini Analyzer goes to work.

This highly reliable, easy-to-use online colorimetric water analyzer family provides accurate analysis, real-time data and continuous monitoring for municipal drinking water and wastewater applications. The ChemScan Mini Analyzer handles a single sample line and is available in a wide array of parameters and measurement ranges. The parameters the analyzer can be programed to read include ortho phosphate, copper, iron-free ammonia, low ortho phosphate, low chrome VI, ammonia, low ammonia, nickel, monochloramine, low chlorine, sulfite, manganese, low manganese, peracetic acid and silica.

“It has an industrial design, with sample tubing that is approximately two times larger than competitive systems,” says Heather Risatti from In-Situ’s marketing department. “The Mini Analyzer can be used across water and wastewater applications for reliable and accurate analysis.”

According to Risatti, that larger sample tubing minimizes the chance of plugging for exceptional reliability and lower maintenance. It is self-cleaning to eliminate internal fouling, offers simple field-adjustable calibration, and was designed from the ground up to reduce facility maintenance requirements.

“The Mini Analyzer was developed using our popular multiparameter analysis systems as models,” she says. “Reagent replacement is only on a three-month basis, which gives the customer the flexibility they are looking for. It’s a great fit for the industry because it’s a reliable solution, and with our experience in the process industry, we were well versed to design a solution for single parameter analysis.”

The Mini Analyzer’s reliability combined with affordable reagents and spare parts results in a very low cost of ownership. In addition, ChemScan Mini Analyzers are easy to start up and maintain, meaning that service maintenance contracts are not necessary.

“It was designed as a product that is easy to understand and maintain,” says Risatti. “It has an extremely functional design and is easy to calibrate. Those are factors that operators are looking for.” 



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