Product Focus: Digital Technology

Product Focus: Digital Technology

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Analytical Instrumentation

Cla-Val Model XP2F

The Cla-Val Model XP2F is an all-encompassing data acquisition instrumentation package option available for any Cla-Val control valve. It has flow calculation data and is a differential pressure-based solution and comes complete with pressure transmitters, a valve position transmitter and a flow calculation module. It is IP 68 rated, has 12-24 volts DC input, four analog inputs and four analog outputs with the ability to accept additional field instrumentation and retransmit measurements to PLC/SCADA via 4-20mA signals. 800-942-6326;

HF scientific, a Watts Brand CLX Online Chlorine Analyzer

Save on time, labor and total cost of ownership with the CLX Online Chlorine Analyzer from HF scientific, a Watts Brand. It uses a flow-through cuvette design to flush out debris during each cycle, and a double-checked reagent injection design for maximum precision. The unit flushes the cuvette and takes a zero reading before injecting reagent for accurate readings, even as the glass becomes dirty. Its use means no more erratic trend graph readings, messy sample chambers that backflow into the reagent bottles or constantly cleaning the sample chamber. 888-203-7248;

HORIBA Scientific Aqualog A-TEEM

The Aqualog A-TEEM from HORIBA Scientific is a fluorometer that simultaneously scans for absorbance and fluorescence excitation and emission matrix (A-TEEM). Unlike traditional scanning spectro-fluorometers that take hours, its optical technology with multichannel CCD detection allows for rapid A-TEEM scans from seconds up to minutes per sample. A-TEEM provides true, traceable molecular fingerprints as well as precise quantification for compounds of interest. Its ability for automatic inner-filter effects correction not only ensures the accuracy of the fluorescence spectra but also extends the sample’s concentration linearity range. With the combination of multivariate analysis, it complements an organics lab as an advanced tool for organic matter characterization. It is a simple, fast and powerful analytical tool that in some cases displaces laborious and expensive chromatography-based techniques. 866-562-4698;

Control/Electrical Panels

Gorman-Rupp Integrinex Advanced

Integrinex Advanced controls from Gorman-Rupp are custom-engineered to meet unique system requirements. When equipped with FloSmart technology, the control system can detect a pump obstruction and run a cleaning cycle until the debris clears, according to the maker. Upon detection, the device initiates a cleaning operation without interfering with the operation of the pump station. When the cycle is complete, the pump is ready to return to normal operation. If the clog remains, the cleaning sequence repeats until the blockage is cleared. FloSmart is designed to help maximize uptime while reducing maintenance costs. 419-755-1011;

Orenco Controls OLS Control Panels

OLS Control Panels from Orenco Controls come with the choice of either integrated starters or variable-frequency drives that optimize system operation. These panels are suitable for a variety of pumping applications such as lift stations, stormwater pump stations, water boosting, dewatering or sludge pumping. They can also be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to future or existing SCADA systems. Parameters can be configured via a human-machine interface and include a user-friendly startup wizard. Engineers can preprogram user interfaces to the site-specific needs of an installation, making the panel virtually plug-and-play. Maintenance staff can easily adjust settings and monitor the system remotely. These weatherproof control panels are UL 508A listed and include service-rated circuit protection, phase and voltage protection, and level controls. 877-257-8712;

Smith & Loveless SHADE AIDE

The SHADE AIDE from Smith & Loveless is a human-machine interface screen protector that easily installs onto a variety of control panels so that operators can see their HMI no matter how sunny of a day. It collapses when not in use and is fully lockable. It also protects the display from the harmful effects of constant UV ray exposure, saving the maintenance budget from replacement HMI costs due to excessive sun exposure. The product is compatible and customizable to fit every HMI screen sold today, with custom sizes available. 800-922-9048;


Franklin Electric Cerus X-Drive

Designed for variable torque applications up to 600 hp, the Cerus X-Drive is Franklin Electric’s all-inclusive drive solution for a variety of markets. Available as a standalone drive and in multiple enclosed configurations, these panels are built to last, according to the maker, with every detail and component centered around the application’s specific requirements. It can be paired with a choice of motors and pumps to maximize the performance of the application. 866-271-2859;

Flow Monitoring

Badger Meter ModMAG M2000

Water treatment and distribution applications can be complex and result in limited pipe runs to install flowmeters. When space runs out, the ModMAG M2000 electromagnetic flowmeter from Badger Meter is a solution, delivering accuracies of ±1% with zero straight run required or ±0.2% with appropriate straight run. It effectively measures water, wastewater, water-based fluids and other liquids that meet minimum electrical conductivity. It has a full-bore design, which means there is no size reduction resulting in undesirable pressure drops. 877-243-1010;

Blue-White Industries BW DIGIMETER F-2000 Series

BW DIGIMETER F-2000 Series electronic insertion style flowmeters from Blue-White Industries are quickly installed on IPS (ASTM-D-1785) pipe sizes from 1 1/2 through 12 inches. The electronic display and communication enclosure can be mounted directly to the sensor, or remotely mounted to a pipe or panel. Standard models display flow rate and accumulated total flow, and they include an NPN open collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems and other external devices. Optional 4-20 mA / 0-10 volts DC plug-in circuitry can be added for additional communication requirements. Optional batch processing plug-in circuitry includes an 8-amp relay board that adds manual or automatic batch processing capability, or a high/low flow rate alarm output. The electronics can be battery operated using four standard AA-size batteries, or AC powered using a 15-24-volt DC plug-in transformer. A battery backup option is also available. Battery life in standard mode is a minimum of one year. 714-893-8529;

Gas/Odor/Leak Detection Equipment

RKI Instruments GX-3R Pro Connected Worker Solution

The GX-3R Pro Connected Worker Solution powered by Guardhat from RKI Instruments is a subscription service that provides a single view into a gas detector fleet and worker condition via the Safety Control Center, accessible from any computer or tablet. The subscription provides features like live monitoring with gas readings and GPS location, visual, haptic and audible notifications including to notify nearby users, geofencing for hot or safe zones, heatmapping, push-to-talk communication, audio and video capture and management, as well as predictive gas detection analytics and instrument history. The GX-3R Pro connects via Bluetooth to the SCC through the Guardhat app for Android or iOS or the Scout wearable device. 800-754-5165;


Force Flow Wizard 4000

The Wizard 4000 from Force Flow is a powerful chemical inventory system for monitoring chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, hydrofluosilicic acid and all other chemicals used in water treatment. It can help ensure a safe process and a safe plant by providing essential information such as current chemical feed rate, how much chemical has been fed and how much chemical remains. With four separate channels, it can be used to simultaneously monitor levels in up to four separate tanks. Each tank can be monitored independently while monitoring combined totals for all the tanks. The daily usage function allows for easy recordkeeping, and a days-until-empty function makes it simple to anticipate tank refilling and chemical reorder points. A feed-rate function allows early warning of dangerously low or high feed-rate conditions, preventing hazardous underdosing or overdosing of chemicals to the water supply. 925-686-6700;

Operations/Maintenance/Process Control Software

AllMax Software Operator10

Operator10 from AllMax Software provides a central database for all of a plant’s operational and process control data. Users have the ability to manually enter data, pull data directly from SCADA and/or import data from LIMS programs. Built-in tools allow for regulatory reporting/electronic submittal, custom report creation, graphing, process control calculations, built-in formulas (mean cell residence time, sludge volume index, food-to-microorganism ratio, etc.), easy customizable data entry sheets, customizable user dashboards, a full audit trail and a biosolids module. Users benefit from easy access to historical/current plant data, decreased time on monthly reporting, better overall data management and improved plant efficiency. 800-670-1867;

Blackline Safety Live and Blackline Analytics

Blackline Safety Live is a safety monitoring and reporting platform to help companies quickly locate people and respond to incidents, manage and improve compliance, and create time and cost efficiencies. Harnessing the data generated from cloud-connected G7 Personal Wearables and G7 EXO Area Monitors. The platform enables easy setup and low complexity, as companies can configure, customize, see and monitor all their safety devices from a single screen, with no IT integration required. Devices are connected to a network the moment they are turned on and begin logging immediately accessible usage, location and compliance data, with no manual collection or docking required. Real-time location information equips customers to initiate fast and informed responses. Automated recording, filtering and seamless organization of usage (from bump test and calibrations to gas exposures and alerts) in easy-to-use charts, graphs and tables, helps companies make data-informed decisions and identify trends. 877-869-7212;

Envirosuite EVS Water

Envirosuite EVS Water includes Plant Optimiser software which, through the outputs of its unique machine-learning and deterministic modeling, helps customers to materially reduce the two highest costs in water treatment and delivery: electricity and chemicals. In doing so, it can materially decrease the collateral environmental footprints of its users’ operations. SeweX software is an advanced mathematical modeling tool that helps utilities proactively manage and respond to safety, corrosion and odor risks in sewer networks. The customer’s cost of deployment is more than offset financially by productivity gains, as well as substantially extending the life of water assets through reduced chemical strain that delays the capital cost of upgrade and replacement. Climate impact and reporting is a major driver for deploying it to reduce electricity consumption and the associated emissions. 866-583-0280;

YSI, a Xylem brand Phosphorus in Wastewater

One of the pressing issues facing wastewater treatment today is excess phosphorus. As the EPA continues to lower effluent limits for total phosphorus, wastewater operators need reliable data to improve treatment processes, remove phosphorus efficiently and meet lower effluent limits. Phosphorus in Wastewater from YSI, a Xylem brand is a comprehensive guide for wastewater professionals that covers phosphorus removal strategies, treatment options and how orthophosphate measurements can help monitor or control the phosphorus removal process. This 43-page online e-book also includes detailed sections on the different forms of phosphorus in wastewater, measurement methods and instrumentation used for sampling or continuous monitoring. 800-765-4974;

Process Control System

De Nora Water Technologies MicroChem 450

The MicroChem 450 controller from De Nora Water Technologies was designed with decades of chlorine management and analysis experience. Easily tailored to meet unique instrumentation needs, process input signals like water flow and residual concentration are applied to user-adjustable preprogrammed control strategies to automatically adjust disinfection feed rates. Automatic process control with the ability to fine-tune to site conditions assures the process remains in control as water conditions change. It is compatible with De Nora gas feed equipment or other systems that utilize a mA control output signal. Its large color LCD shows process inputs at a glance. It gives fingertip access to most common controller settings of ratio and setpoint. Smart software only shows tuning parameters related to the selected control scheme. It has an intuitive software layout and touchscreen display, with 28-day internal datalogging built in, along with six language options. 215-997-4000;


Keller America Econoline

The redesigned Econoline pressure transmitter from Keller America is built for consistent performance. The Lean Production cell provides maximum versatility for customer-specific applications with short lead times, thus negating the need for the user to maintain extra inventory on site. It combines a media-isolated piezoresistive silicon sensor with signal conditioning electronics to provide a compact pressure transmitter with < ±1% Total Error Band accuracy over 0-50 degrees C. The industry standard 4-20mA analog output is compatible with most existing monitoring infrastructure and SCADA systems and provides meaningful output in ranges from 30 to 10,000 psi. The design makes it suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions, including those with high levels of electromagnetic radiation, both conducted and radiated. As a result, it provides trouble-free service and sufficient accuracy for almost any application, including those involving aggressive media and/or high levels of electromagnetic interference and where small size, low weight and reasonable cost are required. 877-253-5537;

Markland Specialty Engineering Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector

The Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector from Markland Specialty Engineering uses high-intensity infrared light that, along with its slim profile, enables it to measure the sludge bed depth even in water and wastewater clarifiers and tanks that have obstructed or constricted areas, such as the inclined plates of lamellas. Beam intensity of the LED-phototransistor sensors automatically adjusts for thick or thin biosolids concentration or even light flocs. This detector allows operators to program desludge pumps to run only when necessary for maintaining the preferred liquid-solids interface level, saving wear and tear on pumps. It helps maximize water removal and optimize sludge feed density. In DAF units, it can adjust surface skimmer speeds to match variations in the thickness of the floating sludge layer. In SBRs, it can control the decant valve to minimize cycle times. Calibration is not required. 855-873-7791;

Pulsar Measurement dBi-Modbus

Pulsar Measurement’s dBi-Modbus intelligent ultrasonic level sensors are suitable for remote installations. These transducers include DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement) signal processing for precise and repeatable results in challenging applications, with measurement range options from 4.9 inches to 49.2 feet. It only takes one second to power on and make a measurement. When connected to a wireless telemetry device, power consumption is as little as 5 micro-amp hours. Alternatively, connect it to an existing Modbus network to take advantage of the performance full time. It is ready for challenging environments with ATEX approvals, IP68 protection and an operating temperature range of -40 to 176 degrees F. 888-473-9546;   


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