Product Spotlight - Water: Prepackaged video system a fit for remote site management

Product Spotlight - Water: Prepackaged video system a fit for remote site management

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Your wells provide the lifeblood to your community. Clean, fresh, uncompromised water is an expectation for your citizens, and it is up to you as a municipal water treatment manager to provide a steady stream. But as the industry faces an era of labor shortages, it also faces increased safety/security requirements. Now a new system from Memoreyes Municipal provides a complete video system with cellular communications, a Sentry prepackaged field device and cloud/web access services for municipal wells and other remote pumping and instrument sites.

The system combines edge computers, high-speed cellular, high-definition cameras and battery-backed power supplies into a small custom industrial enclosure for long service life. It can handle multiple cameras for indoor/outdoor applications. All video, images and data are cloud stored automatically and can be viewed real-time on web displays. All these services, including cell data costs, are combined into one, stable, monthly fee. The company’s president, John Collings, has been pioneering cellular/web-based SCADA technology for more than 20 years.

“What was missing was affordable and reliable remote site video,” he says. “This system can be completely up and running in less than an hour. This system increases remote site safety with man down alarms as well as being able to see and listen in on demand.”

The company drew from its years of experience providing large outdoor video systems designed for apartments and commercial facilities. Doing those jobs required perfecting wireless ethernet for video transmission, combined with unique installation methods to keep installation costs down. Additionally, the company developed wide area sensors to direct the cameras toward human activity, thus reducing camera costs while increasing safety.

“A few years ago, we saw the convergence of technology, price and performance that would allow us to not only provide remote vision systems, but also a myriad of other remote site management tools for the water/wastewater market,” says Collings. “Cell cameras are often expensive, don’t work reliably in difficult cellular areas, and lead to astronomical monthly cell bills. We’ve addressed all of that plus wrapped three separate services into one. It works and municipalities can afford it.”

The company offers the cell camera/vision system by itself, and it can be expanded to include analog, digital, pump run SCADA I/O delivered to a secured cloud/web display system.

“This is the municipal management tool of the future,” says Collings. “We’re Zoom for remote assets, and more.” 



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