Product Focus: Conveyance and Distribution Systems

Product Focus: Conveyance and Distribution Systems

ZZ Series blowers from Eurus Blower.

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Eurus Blower ZZ Series

ZZ Series blowers from Eurus Blower are drop-in replacements for competitor blowers. They have heavy-duty cast housings, machined impellers, alloy steel shafts with oversized bearings, hardened/precision machined steel forged gears, oil-lubricated gear and/or grease- or oil-lubricated drive sides, plus keyless locking assemblies for easier timing gear maintenance. The blowers provide up to 15 psig pressure and 2,350 cfm flow. 630-221-8282;

Kaeser Compressors custom engineered blower systems

Plants looking to expand their blower room or put the blowers in a separate building can consider Kaeser Compressors custom engineered blower systems. These pre-built, enclosed blower systems reduce engineering and installation costs. Kaeser will design, build and deliver a complete blower system in a permanent, weatherproof enclosure. This is often faster and less expensive than traditional building design, permitting and construction. The custom engineered solutions can be built for lobe, screw or turbo blowers and are designed for reliability, easy service access and energy efficiency no matter what the installation limitations may be. They can be designed for any climate and ensure an optimal, temperature controlled operating environment. All internal piping and electrical work is completed prior to delivery. On-site commissioning is just a matter of connecting to the main power supply, one process pipe and a communication cable if remote monitoring/control is desired. 866-516-6888;


AGRU America PE Pipes and Fittings 

AGRU America offers pipes and fittings made from polyethylene 100/4710 for durability and corrosion/abrasion resistance, used in many municipal and industrial applications. Products include large-diameter pipe, HDPE pipe fittings, Mine-Line pipes, electrofusion fittings and equipment, ball valves, metric solutions and semi-finished products. Product benefits include long-term service life and reduced operational costs, superior flow and weight characteristics, manufacturing in both butt fusion and electrofusion fittings, and proven performance in gas, water, industrial and municipal applications. 800-373-2478,

Motor and Pump Controls

Orenco Controls OLS Control Panels

OLS Control Panels from Orenco Controls come with the choice of either integrated starters or variable frequency drives that optimize system operation. These panels are suitable for a variety of pumping applications such as lift stations, stormwater pump stations, water boosting, dewatering or sludge pumping. They can also be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to future or existing SCADA systems. Parameters can be configured via a human-machine interface and include a user-friendly startup wizard. Engineers can preprogram user interfaces to the site-specific needs of an installation, making the panel virtually plug-and-play. Maintenance staff can easily adjust settings and monitor the system remotely. These weatherproof control panels are UL 508A listed and include service-rated circuit protection, phase and voltage protection, and level controls. 877-257-8712;

PRIMEX Eco Smart Station

The Eco Smart Station control system from PRIMEX provides a safe, energy-efficient solution for optimum pump control in municipal lift station applications. It uses the latest technology in VFD, microprocessor-based controller, data storage and communication capabilities available. It achieves up to 30% energy savings using an efficiency auto-tune algorithm that searches for the pump speed that will consume the least amount of energy per gallons of liquid pumped. It is housed in a multiple-compartment Arc Armor Enclosure, reducing the risk of injury resulting from electric shock and exposure to arc flash. It features the Energy View controller powered by kW Logix software, an energy-efficient solution. The color touchscreen HMI provides level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm logging, historical trending and comes equipped with a SD memory card for data storage and download. It is available in 29 models, from 10 to 100 hp. 844-477-4639;

Pulsafeeder XAE Stroke Length Controller

Pulsafeeder’s XAE Stroke Length Controller provides fast and accurate response when there are changes to chemical dosing demands of diaphragm metering pumps. With microprocessor-based digital logical and a brushless stepper motor, pump chemical delivery response is nearly instantaneous. Onboard push-button self-calibration means that startup and commissioning is finished in a matter of minutes. It is fault-tolerant and self-correcting after power loss or system fault, with settings automatically maintained and monitored even without power. A full array of dry contacts and 4-20mA inputs/outputs allows it to communicate and integrate seamlessly with system controls to monitor pump ready-to-run or fault conditions status and shut down in the event of system alarm or diaphragm failure. Fast operation and service means operators can spend less time troubleshooting pumps and more time monitoring system efficiency and know the status of key aspects of pump performance and health easily and remotely. 585-292-8000;


Gorman-Rupp EchoStorm

The EchoStorm static venturi aeration device from Gorman-Rupp is designed to add dissolved oxygen into liquids as they are being pumped. It adds oxygen to wastewater, reduces the size of organic solids and de-gases organic solids. It is available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. Depending on the pump it is paired with, it can provide flows from 50 to 1,300 gpm with up to 857 pounds of dissolved oxygen per day. It is suitable for aeration in a variety of municipal, industrial and agricultural applications, including wet well influent, aerobic sludge digestion, lagoons, oxidation ditches, fat, oil and grease digestion, landfill leachate and mine water treatment, according to the maker. The device can be combined with Super T Series, Ultra V Series, Super U Series, 80 Series, 10 Series and 6500 Series pumps. 419-755-1011;

Patterson davit crane

Patterson davit cranes are manufactured with a low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design. They are available in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities with key features such as a reliable brake with long life and readily available parts, a hot-dipped galvanized finish and no plastic sheaves or pulleys. 800-322-2018;


Ashland Pump effluent pumps

Heavy-duty effluent pumps from Ashland Pump are available in multiple horsepower sizes for various performance requirements and have efficient permanent split-capacitor motors. The oil-filled pumps have an upper and lower ball bearing design and handle solids up to 3/4 inch. They are made of cast iron, with cast iron impellers and equipped with a piggyback switch (20-foot standard cord) or in manual configurations. They are offered in 3/10, 4/10, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 hp models. 855-281-6830;

Blue-White Industries FLEXFLO M4

The low shearing pumping action of M4 peristaltic dosing pump from Blue-White Industries allows it to gently and precisely pump chemicals that off gas, including peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite, with no vapor lock and no lost prime. Advanced features include a highly responsive and intuitive 5-inch display, firmware that can be field updated, and easy-to-attach M12 watertight connectors. 714-893-8529;

Boerger BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pumps

Boerger BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pumps are engineered for low maintenance and high performance. The pumps feature pulsation-free operation and dry-run capabilities, which is key to avoiding downtime. They were designed with maintenance in place, which means they can be serviced without having to take them offline. It is heavy-duty, self-priming, valveless, positive-displacement pump that can be used for loading and unloading by reversing the flow direction. 612-435-7300;

Franklin Electric FPS NCX Series

The NCX Series of explosion-proof submersible non-clog pumps from FPS, a brand of Franklin Electric, are certified for use in Class 1, Division 1 and Group C and D hazardous location requirements for municipal markets as well as any commercial or industrial application that requires an explosion-proof rating. The pumps are available in single- and three-phase power options to accommodate flows up to 625 gpm. Each unit is designed for serviceability and reliability with features including a field-adjustable wear plate, factory-standard dual-silicon carbide mechanical seals and chemical-resistant components. 866-271-2859;

Hydra-Tech Pumps S4THL

The S4THL 4-inch hydraulic drive vortex impeller trash pump from Hydra-Tech Pumps offers 3-inch solids handling and head capabilities up to 210 feet. The durable biosolids pump is primarily used for oil refinery waste, sewage digester clean-out, wastewater and biosolids pumping and desilting applications using divers. It can be bolted directly into a pipeline or fitted with a suction hose for underwater dredging. Combined with HT50 to HT75 power units, the S4THL is capable of flows up to 1,000 gpm. The safe and variable-speed hydraulic drive submersible pump can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. 570-645-3779;

Industrial Flow Solutions OverWatch

Industrial Flow Solutions’ OverWatch pump system lifts influent at the point of entry, eliminating the wet well. Effluent is contained, eliminating odors and reducing maintenance. The stainless steel body is designed to withstand the effects of corrosion from harsh materials and solutions, making OverWatch an ideal solution for the municipal, industrial and commercial industries. In addition, the system has HMI touchscreen controls to further simplify operations. 860-631-3618;

Jaeco Fluid Systems FRAM

FRAM diaphragm metering pumps from Jaeco Fluid Systems are hydraulically actuated and designed for accurate, completely leak-proof metering of difficult-to-handle liquids. The durable cast iron pumps are available in simplex or duplex, with capacities ranging from 0.86 to 56 gph at operating pressures up to 1,200 psi. Liquid end options include 316 stainless steel, PVC or Alloy 20, and include single- or double-ball or poppet spring-loaded check valves. 877-778-3456;

Lutz-JESCO America MEMDOS Smart Series

The MEMDOS Smart Series mechanically actuated metering pump from Lutz-JESCO America is designed and built for precise liquid dosing, and includes an additional size that delivers 0.5 gph at pressures up to 300 psig in 316 stainless steel PVDF or polypropylene materials. It has a high-quality, compact design and sturdy tappet drive that make handling acid, lye, coagulants and flocculants easy. It includes remote start and stop control, level and diaphragm rupture monitoring, and batch dosing with interval and timer functionality. Double-ball check valves are standard, and it comes with an integrated dosing head venting device (plastic version). The entire series is available in PVC, PVDF, polypropylene and stainless steel. 800-554-2762;

Smith & Loveless CAPSULAR Underground Pump Station

The CAPSULAR Underground Pump Station from Smith & Loveless provides an operator-friendly and economical solution for large-flow pumping up to 20,000 gpm. With a Safe-Stair entryway module and integrated HVAC, the pump station design meets the OSHA definition of “designed for continuous human occupancy” and therefore does not require classification as confined space entry. It comes with simplified, yet powerful QUICKSMART Touchscreen Controls and a spacious interior offering a variety of user options including shelving, work desks, sinks and storage. The station is pre-engineered and fabricated, allowing for simple installation and future flow capacity increases via adaptation of additional pumps or larger rotating assemblies. 800-898-9122;

Vaughan self-priming Chopper Pump

Self-priming Chopper Pumps from Vaughan are designed to be easily accessed outside of the wet well while pumping waste solids at heavy consistencies, without plugging or dewatering of the solids. They eliminate the loss in production and mess, along with making it easy to service the pump to get it back in operation. 888-249-2467;   


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