Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Hydrogen sulfide data logger catches issues early

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: Hydrogen sulfide data logger catches issues early

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Hydrogen sulfide is toxic, combustible and can be very corrosive. Even at concentrations below the toxic level of 300 ppm, it can cause irritation of the eyes nose and throat, headache, nausea, dizziness and loss of coordination. In addition, its rotten egg smell can often lead to complaints from residents near treatment plants. Its corrosive properties also can lead to the premature degradation of pipes, manholes, lift stations and pumping equipment.

Fortunately there are devices that can catch rising hydrogen sulfide levels before they cause such problems. CAS Dataloggers’ OdaLog G20 hydrogen sulfide data logger features a digital H2S smart sensor. It is IP68 rated for use in harsh wastewater applications and ATEX/IECEx certified for hazardous environments. Features that make it an upgrade over previous versions include a gas sensor that allows for up to 90-day deployment, SD memory card that stores up to 10 million data points, built-in sensor health indicator, Modbus communication for connection to SCADA systems, and an integrated 4G cellular modem for remote monitoring. According to Nick Taylor, product manager for Environmental Analysis and Characterization Equipment at Thermo Fisher Scientific, the unit is a fit for numerous treatment plant applications, including sewerage pumping stations; gas monitoring in manholes, drains and pits; odor monitoring in sewer network and streaming water; ventilation pipes and rising mains; inside sewer collection lines; asset management for corrosion and odor control; and wastewater plant fence line monitoring for odor.

“It has a state-of-the-art digital smart gas sensor, enabling predictive maintenance,” says Taylor. “Bluetooth, USB and Modbus are integral, making data easy to access, manually or via an integrated system.”

For remote logging applications, the OdaLog G20-RTX model provides 4G cellular access. Both models are rated to IP68 and are ATEX/IECEx certified, making them ideal for use in harsh wastewater applications and in hazardous environments.

“Feedback from users of the previous generations of OdaLog revealed that customers were looking to reduce the cost of gas logging whilst at the same time achieving reliable and consistent operation,” says Taylor. “OdaLog G20 provides this by means of a long in-field deployment, without the need for expensive dilution or purging technologies. This, along with predictive maintenance afforded via the digital smart gas sensor, reduces the total cost of ownership. 800-956-4437;


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