Product Spotlights - Wastewater: November 2021

Product Spotlights - Wastewater: November 2021

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Water treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated. But that doesn’t mean every part needs to be complicated or overly costly.

For wastewater plants requiring metering pumps to dose treatment chemicals for processes such as disinfection, filtration, clarification, coagulation and flocculation, Blue-White offers a solution that allows operators to standardize operations with one chemical feed solution — the FLEXFLO M1 Peristaltic Dosing Pump. The self-priming M1 delivers smooth, consistent and precise chemical dosing with no danger of vapor lock or loss of prime. It’s an answer to an industry need, according to Patrick Murphy, the company’s director of engineering.

“The M1 started when we realized that a lot of municipalities would use our A-100N for their needs. This pump was originally meant for the industrial space instead of municipal,” says Murphy. “We then reached out and listened to our customers for feedback on what they would want from our pump. This included NEMA 4X rating, relay alarms, remote/stop capabilities, NSF 61 rating and LCD cover to protect from chemical residue. We also took what we learned from our motor development projects to incorporate our energy efficient brushless DC motor as well. This gave us the power we required while requiring less energy to drive the pump.”

The pump has 4-20mA SCADA inputs and offers a feed output range of .0001 to 5.6 gph, pressures to 100 psi and a high energy efficiency rating. The pump achieves a 10,000-to-1 turndown ratio and is powered by efficient BLDC motor technology. According to Murphy, the pump is typically utilized at smaller municipalities or small well sites. It fits across multiple applications because it has different tubes that make it versatile enough to work typical water treatment chemicals, polymers and harsh chemicals.

“It is a simple-to-operate pump with a turndown ratio that simplifies the ordering and models of the pump because one tube will have a wide range of flow rates that it can operate in,” says Murphy. “Gone are the days of having several different tube assemblies to cover all the ranges of flow rate requirements.”

A sealed enclosure and a display shield protect the pump’s easy to operate controls from chemical spills and splashes. In addition, the enhanced Tube Failure Detection System (TFD+) senses tube rupture with no false triggering. 714-893-8529;


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