Product Spotlight – Wastewater: October 2021

Product Spotlight – Wastewater: October 2021

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Updated screening system reduces downstream clogging

There’s a famous quote that states, “Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it.” That’s exactly what Parkson is doing with its popular Aqua Guard, as an upgraded screening system — UltraClean — is designed to reduce downstream clogging problems by as much as 50%. The updates are the result of extensive research into improving the capture rate at the headworks of a plant in an effort to maximize efficiency throughout the plant process.

“We invested considerable research and development to improve one of our oldest products for the benefit of the wastewater treatment plant,” says Dave Mitchell, senior product manager for Parkson. “We have accomplished that with the UltraClean, and that enhancement translates into less maintenance for plant personnel and better capture rates.”

This performance comes from a series of improvements in the “head” of the screen. The screen utilizes a unique filter element system designed to automatically remove solids larger than element spacing.

“The enhancements take element screening to an entirely new level by significantly increasing removal rates and dramatically reducing the time and effort needed for operating maintenance,” says Mitchell. “This is accomplished through improvements to the belt path geometry, new brush design and rotational speed, optimized spray nozzles, and numerous tool-less access ports.”

Aqua Guard screen filter elements form an underwater grid that ensures better capture rates when compared to rake bar screens that utilize only vertical bars for screening. A specific configuration of filter elements is mounted on a series of parallel shafts to form an endless moving belt that collects, conveys and discharges solids for further processing or disposal. Solids contained in a wastewater flow are captured on the filter elements and carried upward on the belt assembly to discharge at the rear of the unit. Two-stage screening is achieved, which results in improved capture rates.

“Customers who have retrofit their existing Aqua Guard to an UltraClean tell us they get up to two times the removal rate and operator attention is cut by 75% at the headworks,” says Mitchell. “Additionally, downstream equipment like pumps and diffuser equipment does not require clean up and operates much more efficiently in the absence of rags. After upgrading, they also noticed a big difference in the amount of material being removed from the belt.” 888-727-5766;


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