Case Studies - October 2021

Case Studies - October 2021

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Onsite system needed to accommodate winery/brewery in unique venue

Problem: Spyglass Winery in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, planning an expansion including a brewery and restaurant, needed a cost-efficient, long-term solution to treat high-strength wastewater and handle substantial flow fluctuations. It had to be easy to operate and consistently meet stringent treatment requirements for shallow subsurface infiltration.

Solution: Premier Tech Water and Environment designed a 2,000 gpd treatment system. The first stage includes a polyethylene primary treatment tank and a grease trap, each with 3,490 gallons capacity, followed by a 900-gallon equalization tank. These are combined with Premier Tech’s ready-to-use polyethylene Rewatec moving-bed bioreactors and clarifier, which reduces BOD and TSS to domestic strength. The process is completed by two Ecoflo biofilter units with 100% coco filtering medium. The integrated pump in the biofilters allows for low-pressure dosing of the at-grade bed where treated wastewater infiltrates.

Result: The system showed excellent resilience after sharply reduced flows during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the gradual resumption, the system continues to efficiently handle flow and contaminant-load fluctuations and to meet discharge criteria. 800-632-6356;   


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